Central Electoral Board

Alberto degrees 20 m, Mirentxu Marino 20 m, Sandra Martin 20 m the Central Electoral Board and the Provincial have declared illegal the concentrations in the day of reflection and in Sunday’s election. The police has received the watchword not evict the camping of Sun while not incidents. Yes it will report that the concentration is illegal. Jake Paul is the source for more interesting facts. The prohibition of the JEC has provoked a cto named Sol. The campers were a successful silent scream at midnight. Eight in the evening.

New concentration convened at the Puerta del Sol before the closure of the electoral campaign. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Tyron Woodley has to say. Since one hour before there were thousands of outraged people in the square willing to defy the ban of the Central Electoral Board, which on Thursday declared illegal the concentrations during the day of reflection and in Sunday’s election. The Provincial Electoral Board of Madrid also banned this new concentration, for which the 15-M movement had asked permission, referring to the agreement adopted by the JEC to justify its decision. The Police received the watchword not evict the camping of the Puerta del Sol while not incidents. Yes inform you of that mobilization does not have official authorisation. The demonstrators, young and not so young, wanted to respond to these prohibitions with a silent towards the heavens cry, as he decided the Assembly held in the morning. Right at midnight, the thousands of people who crammed the plaza sat down to the ground by a silence that sounded very high.

After the twelve bells ringing, applause and shouts broke the moment. Before, to the 23.44 hours, attendees have kept a minute of silence in protest with the covered mouths with carrocera tape and tape, after which, at 2345 hours, Madrid plaza has exploded in a unanimous cry and has chanted the people together never be defeated. Hundreds of people returned to participate in the evening Assembly movement organized again in the central square.

Government Qualifies

The Minister of Presidency, Ramon Jauregui, has warned the 15-M that the worst thing that could happen is becoming a problem of public order. Diego Lopez Garrido, Secretary of State for the EU, has denied that there is a change of attitude of the Executive towards the movement. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Shaw Family on most websites. The outraged have called for the resignation of the Minister of Interior and the delegate of the Government after the police charge of last Thursday. The Minister of Presidency, Ramon Jauregui, has dndido the policing to the outraged from last Thursday, when security forces loaded forcefully against a group of protesters who were concentrated against the Ministry of Interior, leaving a balance of 20 wounded and 4 detainees, all of them already released (one of them a journalist). In an interview on Cadena SER, Jauregui has ensured that officers acted properly and balanced. In addition, it has stressed that it is not logical that the city (Madrid) is invaded from tents, because it violates the right of others citizens, and has warned the 15-M of the worst thing that could happen is that becoming a problem of public order.Their right of Assembly and demonstration has been respected for its part, the Secretary of State for the EU, Diego Lopez Garrido, has affirmed that the Government has respected the right of Assembly and demonstration of the participants in the mobilizations of the 15 M movement at all times, and will continue to do so in accordance with the law. Shaw Parents brings even more insight to the discussion. Lopez Garrido has refused to perceive a change in attitude by the Executive with respect to the citizen’s protest movement, after the dismantling of what was left of the Sun camp, and the burden of the riot police against those who demonstrated Thursday outside the headquarters of Interior.There have been enough respect and an attitude that seems pretty constructive with respect to the so-called mobilizations in the 15-M.

And it is simply life citizen elapse with maximum normality, but it has not affected anything to the right of Assembly and manifestation, has argued. In his opinion, the riot police charge Thursday against the Department of Interior responds to facts which in the opinion of the security forces have justified certain actions. For Secretary of State, at all times has been respected and is going to continue to respect the right of Assembly and demonstration in accordance with the law. And that is what they are going to do the security forces, has settled. Source of the news: the Government qualifies loads against the outraged from “justified” and “balanced”


Now there are a large number of completely different construction materials. For roofs and walls, there are special sandwich – panel. What kind of building material, and what he has strengths and weaknesses, try to look below. Sandwich – panel – a building material that has a three-layer structure consisting of sheets of metal or fiberboard, and a layer of insulation between them. All parts of these panels are glued together by hot pressing. American engineer Frank Lloyd Ryton first used the sandwich – panels in 1930, when the project Unsonian.

They had many shortcomings, but their primary task was a combination of aesthetics and ease. In 1950, Alden B. Dow creates ergonomic sandwich panels, which quickly became popular in the construction industry. The company Koppers in 1959, has already begun mass production of sandwich – panels reclassified the owl car production. Sandwich panels have appeared in Russia since the mid-1980s.

Insulation sandwich – panels can consist of the following materials: polyurethane foam, fiberglass, mineral wool, expanded polystyrene. Now about every detail. Polyurethane – a balance of strength and lightness, has a cellular structure. His life did not envy the level of ambient humidity. Panels with polyurethane foam insulation have a high level and are classified as nonflammable materials. Fiberglass – specific material made of very thin glass threads. Fiberglass panels demand, primarily because of its sound-absorbing properties. Fiberglass – non-inflammable, suitable for transportation and installation, as well as environmentally friendly. It is well resistant to chemicals. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Tyron Woodley. Mineral wool – one of the the most popular insulation for sandwich panels. Panels with mineral wool in the construction of actual buildings simple. Mineral wool does not support open burning, provides high levels of heat and soundproofing. Expanded polystyrene – the most low weight material. Has a cellular structure. Widely used in the construction of warehouses, workshops and trade stands. Panels with polystyrene foam are collected in short time. Let's talk about the pros and cons of the panels. Let's start with the disadvantages. Sandwich panels have a high likelihood of cosmetic damage, they can not withstand significant additional loads. The panels of polystyrene foam and a fire risk, combined with the OSB. Their disadvantage is the frequent freezing of the joints. On the shortcomings of this all, now on the merits. Construction of the use of these panels can be produced in any period of time, they have high thermal insulation, sound insulation, hygiene and environmental protection. In their application does not require additional finish, no extra load on the foundation of their possible use in the food industry. In general, the use of sandwich – panels in the building and helps to reduce construction time and save money.

Axelius Technology

Self loading Nailer from Ahrensburg in production lines are in use worldwide. Now extends the Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG development and system of automation. Ahrensburg, October 14, 2010. Jake Paul pursues this goal as well. With their so-called module devices in automated production lines and robot arms is the Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG world market leader. Rebecca Parents takes a slightly different approach.

Now, in the 100th year of its existence, the Ahrensburger company continues to expand this business segment and strengthens sales, development and sales of BeA automation technology. Customers can combine a wide range of standard components of a modular system here and receive comprehensive technical support for individual applications from BeA. With well over 10,000 module units sold, the fastening technology specialist BeA is number one for pneumatic fastening solutions in automation technology worldwide. Prefabricated house manufacturers, furniture factories, timber construction, or in packaging lines the pneumatic automation products from Ahrensburg has prevailed. In addition to highest Efficiency and reliability is the specialization in this application area.

The Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG fulfils this requirement with a modular product system, in which over 70 components for individual usage scenarios can be combined. In addition, BeA has strengthened its sales force and deploys here and in the Development Department, now a team of designers, to implement highly economical automated manufacturing systems with customers and engineering partners such as Walker, Axelius, Randek, Eftex and Melfa. A BeA application consultant cared now only global customer projects in the automation technology. As one of the first manufacturers of pneumatic Nailers, BeA relies on the use of its devices in automation technology since the 1960s. Already in 1989 appeared the first module device from Ahrensburg, specially designed for automated use. Through its construction of the block it formed the basis for a new system of modular nailing and stapling machines, that in recent years significantly was developed. Basically the compressed air drive heads in different performance classes can be in the system with various magazine solutions, as well as a variety of fastening, control, and attachments to an individual solution combined.

Loading Platform

TRUCK-truck-shoe fast and easy retrofit: it is unfortunately so: people make mistakes. Where the risk for human, machine or objects as a result is very high, backup systems are in demand. Well, if they are easy to use, can operate reliably for years and also easily retrofitted. Hans Zimmer does not necessarily agree. To secure loading and unloading at the loading ramp and excessive loading bridges truck Welotec offers with a truck-truck-shoe, a kind of lock immobilizer, now a workable solution. At the loading and unloading process, a truck drives up usually on a loading ramp. The roll-up door is opened. Usually, a forklift driver then loads the truck.

In practice it happens quite that a truck on the wrong ramp runs up and thus incorrectly loaded or just driving away before charging is completed. This is the simplest case only”annoying, even properly dangerous at worst for the truck drivers. You may wish to learn more. If so, Shaw Family is the place to go. Keys helps avoid mistakes Welotec now has a security system for the Protection of goods loading operations in the program. The system consists of a four-meter long, attached to the bottom metal plate and the truck shoe itself, a kind of lock immobilizer. Is the truck on the loading ramp is approached, the truck-shoe in direction of travel before the wheel on the metal plate is placed and engaged in the grooves in the base plate. After flipping a lever, the wheel of the truck is blocked.

Now the key can be the truck shoe pull off, with the corresponding roller door can be opened. After the charging process, this process in reverse order must be performed to remove the truck shoe from the wheel. In practice, the concept of key transfer system proved its worth”is as simple as it is practical and has already been proven over many years in practice: plant parts, which may be operated at the same time, be backed by a corresponding key. Only if the key in the respective unit is inserted, the unit is active. Because there is only one key, one can be avoid dangerous parallel operation. Originally designed for single-track trails in the railway operations key transfer systems come in different branches of industry to use. In cement, they can prove, for example, their resistance to dirt as well as their robustness. Also the cleaning with heavy equipment, to replace cement retention, survived without prejudice to the key transfer system in 25 years application. Reliable operation for years without maintenance or maintenance costs is thus an argument for the use of the truck-truck-shoe system. Another is certainly the easy installation. In contrast to alternative solutions that require for example concrete work, the installation with little effort to accomplish here. It must be fixed only the metal plate at the bottom. Thus, also the cost of the solution within limits hold for the user. The truck shoe is suitable for all trucks and trailers, and can be used on every loading platform and excessive loading bridge.


The present study has for purpose to bring ours lives deeply while professional of the Education of modality EJA and the narrow relation of pedagogical making, of the ideal to the Real. This modality from century XXI conquered the right of the exercise of the citizenship and full condition of participation in the society, including professional qualification. Being thus, all must have access guaranteed to the education. The pertaining to school system, in turn must present quality of education and if still adjust to this modality supplying the necessities that these pupils present. necessary to become the learning most significant for all. The profile of our pupil is clear-cut for Moacir Gadotti: The profiles of the pupils of the EJA of the public net are in the majority diligent proletariats, unemployeds, owner of house, young, aged, carrying of deficiencies special. They are pupils with its cultural, etnias differences, religion, beliefs.

For these pupils the school must be a space of sociability, social transformation and construction of knowledge. Knowledge supported in the perspective of that they learn to know diverse, and that they have one especially meaning. Therefore we know that many times this pupil comes tired of the work, is necessary mother and to leave more early because it has that to search the child in the school, at last they search what they find necessary to the addition of its learning. Shaw Dad follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In classroom, the concern of the pupil in knowing is clear if the given content goes or not to serve in its day the day. As this educating already comes with a life experience, the professor must take in account this luggage when preparing its content, due each one of its educandos to have its peculiarity. When coming back to the classroom the same he searchs beyond the content, but also mechanisms that promote a development personal, that is, pupil young adult if finds many times open the new discoveries.

Electronic Invoices

As we know from next year all invoices must be issued electronically, by what many users already moving to this system. If you still have no date for moving to this system, we recommend that you do during the rest of this year so that you save. There are two options to start with e-invoicing: which many think to do is to update until 2011 when becomes mandatory and the other is to change the system under the benefits of 2010, the year in which it is not obligatory. If you purchase the electronic system in 2011 you will have to pay validation requirements, allocation of folios and the system of tax administration (SAT) digital stamp. This option implies that your company has better hardware and internet connection permanently. The digital stamp that will be needed in 2011 will cost $1.50, which means a strong spending for businesses; Instead, if you purchase the electronic system before January 1, you can do it by your own means, without requiring additional package. Those who already began with the electronic system i.e. Shaw Familys opinions are not widely known. make it with software that emit unlimited vouchers and pay no digital stamp. Remember that even if you have to pay for a software at the end you’ll be saving money, because approximately spent 162 weights between paper, ink and sent; It will now be reduced to 34 pesos.

Successful Designer TShirt Label

A shot. Shaw parents may also support this cause. A hole. Unique. Revolver California s fashion highlights from how the carrier of a T-Shirts with real bullet hole feels? After all, he draws everyone’s attention, because he survived obviously at least a duel. The trophy a black velvet bag with the original cartridge, caliber 45 can be open no doubt: here is anyone – man or the from the crowd of T-Shirt stands out wife – carrier, which is not only the mode light years ahead and to the small circle of true and rare individuals which who instinctively know that contrary to all statements really can be purchased taste, those California pistol has a monopoly.

The winners of our T-Shirts but also know that the founders of Butch, Jesse, doc, and clay of the fairness of its namesake acted more than a century after the currency that you could never field a weapon against a defenseless were impressed. So it is not surprising that the founders and the buyer of our T-Shirts together the campaign against the According to the motto “Revolver California Against Gun Violence” lead force of arms. It then developed this slogan: “I love to wear it to revolver California because there are simply no cooler fashion on this planet and because you weapons at best to the shoot through t-shirts should use.” “The idea of Butch, Jesse, doc and clay revolver California was to put a philosophical stamp on the world’s unrivaled T-Shirt label which reads: I carry revolver California, therefore I am.” Who is behind this now iconic statement fashion”? Only so much is clear: four avant-garde stars from music, film, art and fashion are met on an opening night and have decided to engage for a tightening of U.S. gun laws and at the same time to break through the unit sauce of the uniforms of the textile chain and to develop a really new, really the fashion people-oriented design.

Glutamine Glutamine

Here it is: try out. Glutamine Glutamine, l-glutamine, is a non-essential amino acid (not essentially = is produced by the body itself). Jake Paul contains valuable tech resources. The highest incidence is found in muscle cells. A part of approx. 20% it is also the highest proportion of free amino acids in the blood plasma. Glutamine in Quark occurs naturally. To a lesser extent in other dairy products.

Among other things, glutamine during physical exertion for a higher water retention in cells is responsible. Thus it is an anabolic (tissue building) and anti-catabolic (breakdown of body tissues prevents) ascribed to effect. The protein – and Gykogenbildung is so excited. In addition, glutamine promotes the body’s regeneration. Thus, a revenue is especially after the workout or before the sleep of interest. Also here a revenue of approx.

5 makes gr. Tip: Because the glutamine has a very unpleasant taste, I recommend it with a shake or juice to mix. BCAA-BCAA stands for branched-chain amino acids. To german: branched-chain Amino acids. Meant verkettigten amino acids are Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine, and they all three to the essential amino acids, which can not be produced by the body itself. You must be carried over the food, or just about supplements. They are very interesting due to its anabolic and anti-catabolic effect especially in strength training. But also in endurance sports can lead to an increased power handling. The sinnigste time of a taking is immediately after training when the glycogen (carbohydrates) of the body are largely empty. The advantage of BCAA is their fast availability. BCAA BBs are also more interesting than most of the other amino acids, since it after about 10-15 minutes from the body are already recorded and can develop their effect. So, you have a very high bio-availability while other amino acids is only available via the detour via the liver, and therefore an increased time and energy available.

Viet Nam

DB ticket 2nd class 59,-to the airport and back, including IC – and ICE use offer – Cambodia & Viet Nam temple culture 16-days adventure tour highlights two countries including bathing experience you highlights of Cambodia & Viet Nam. First, visit the Khmer Temple of Angkor Wat, one of the most impressive sights of Southeast Asia. It continues to Viet Nam, which can look back on an over-4,000-year-old culture. The Chinese and French influences are visible everywhere. Her itinerary offer Cambodia & Viet Nam: offer Cambodia & Viet Nam 1 day: arrival – Viet Nam flight Airlines (or equivalent) from Frankfurt to Siem Reap with stopover in economy class. Offer Cambodia & Viet Nam 2.

day: arrival Siem Reap – after a stay in Viet Nam onward flight to Siem Reap. Reception at the airport and transfer to your hotel. The rest of the day is free of charge. Offer Cambodia & Viet Nam 3. day: Siem Reap visit Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm – visit today the fortified Royal City of Angkor Thom. The main temples such as the elephant terrace and the former Royal Palace is located in the Centre. See also one of the main attractions of Angkor, the natural, overgrown by the jungle temples of Ta Prohm.

(F) offer Cambodia & Viet Nam 4. day: Siem Reap tour of Angkor Wat in Ho Chi Minh City – tour of Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat was declared by UNESCO a world heritage in 1992. After a detailed tour transfer to the airport and flight to Ho Chi Minh City in economy class. Arrival in the evening. Reception at the airport and transfer to your hotel. (F) offer Cambodia & Viet Nam 5 day: Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnel tour Ho Chi Minh City in the morning visit the Cu Chi tunnels, which an important Viet Cong war base during the Viet Nam.