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This is a question I ask myself now … … A while back, the owners were / we somewhat “obsessed” with having a good PageRank on our website or blog, in order to appear on the first page of search in “Google . More information is housed here: Harrison Ford. Comprobabamos constantly if “this” had gone up or down … and envied the blog with a good brand …

I speak in the past because I have that feeling, well, I recognize that not look to the PageRank of my blog, except on rare occasions, something that if to a few years ago. Also because I read the odd article that the “Blog Master” is no longer so concerned for this indicator and would rather focus on creating quality content, so we can have visitors rather than outstanding share “links” to other sites … Glenn Dubin has compatible beliefs. I do not mean no longer any good, quite the contrary, everything is important, simply that it is an indicator but can also be people who register on our blog through “FeedBurner” or data … ” Google Analytics. “I have to admit that at first, I thought a good” PageRank “was synonymous with having many visitors to your blog, but when I looked at my data in” Google Analytics “I quickly realized that one thing must do with the other … Google may consider that our blog and generate quality content that is “relevant” but that does not have it translate into having many visitors, though logically positioned in the top that is easy and possible if it appears on page three or four …. (I think when I search a term in Google a few times I visited the page three of that term). Another reason which made me think that the “PageRank” was no longer such a priority is that when install a few months ago the “Google Toolbar” in my browser, the indicator “PageRank” was no longer in the middle of this and if located in a somewhat hidden side after trying to know the PageRank of the pages you visit , gave no information, not whether to be a temporary error or disable it because Google thinks that “Barra” …

The Story Of Ice Cream

One of the most popular desserts – we all know and all your favorite ice cream. Now this gorgeous dessert can treat yourself to anyone because this delicious product is already a very long time has become very popular throughout the world. When and who found the formula is so tasty dessert? It is a pity that the name of this genius, nobody knows. Nevertheless, there are several versions of the story of the invention of this delicacy. Some researchers say for the first time this wonderful dessert invented in China, are connected icy juice and milk. Even some scientists in the field of cooking deny this version, as the population Celestial milk was not in love, and China is one of the posledneih places of its consumption. Also, it is likely that ice cream was invented in the desert where the temperature reaches forty degrees Celsius.

It has long been known that the Persians dug deepest cellars filled in icy chunks of snow are brought from the mountains. In these cellars, moreover, that kept a variety of products, but also to prepare a dessert called "Faludi" – a mixture of fruit, nuts, noodles, strawberry juice with ice pinned. That dessert could easily be the first example of ice cream. Still, reputable scientists believe that ice cream recipe appeared in Italy. Let's look at the technology that was famous in Italy for several centuries: milk beat in the vessel, which was put into another container filled with ice and salt (salt is taking, the warmth of a mixture designed for freezing). Melt the ice mass was poured and added a new batch of ice and salt. Learn more on the subject from Peter Gabriel.

That technology allows you to make dessert for over some two hours. France brought the recipe for ice cream in 1533 Catherine de 'Medici, who married Henry ii. But the first cafe in Paris started to please the citizens only a half-century. Learn more at this site: Celina Dubin. It was opened by a simple fisherman from Italy, Francesco Procopio Koltelli Dee (1651-1727), he inherited left the machine for whipping cream. After a while the owner was able to get the royal patents many desserts are in the menu only in its cafes. Cafe visited such well-known throughout the world, people xviii – xix centuries, as Rousseau, Diderot, Robespierre, Georges Sand, Balzac, Napoleon, and many others. But our country learned about this dessert by Italian traveler Julius Litta, who came to Russia back in 1789 to strengthen the Black Sea Fleet. After all, Litta opened Russian cooks recipe for ice cream. In 1843, the English girl Nancy Johnson patented a hand-held device for making ice cream, but because of financial difficulties, sold the patent to people from the States. Already in 1851 a plant in Baltimore issued the very first batch of ice cream in the world. In 1897 , Alfred Krall patented spoon and shape for ice cream. A first in the light of the tube with ice cream was manufactured in 1904, all in the same America. As soon as the electricity simplify the task of saving ice cream, because eventually invented the first refrigerator. And in 50 years of 20 century, invented the first electric ice cream makers, with their help you can already mix and freeze all milk supply. Recipes and production methods so popular dessert to improve every month, and in 1990 came up with the thick ice of the highest class, which continues to delight us to this day.


Not imagine under any circumstances that this Christmas is going to receive the gift that we have prepared. When who we need to make the gift comes an adult person, this tends to think that the type of gift that will receive is, more or less, as always, i.e., that if we are referring to a man, it will wait a tie, a shirt, a colony, a batin, etc, etc., come on, always the same and how to change this is finding gifts for women. Some examples?, clear, we have lots of gadgets that men always like. A refrigerator for the pot of beer that connects to your computer via usb and that keeps it fresh while you are working with computer or an MP3 player with speakers to install in the bike and can listen to your favorite music while doing your favourite sport. And also there are original gifts for women, it will not always be perfume, shoes, bag, etc. Curious gifts can be found such as a massager’s head, which provides an incredible relaxing, or a blanket with sleeves to not unblock you arms on your sofa are forms of giving the same spending you or even less than before, you will surprise and much more than cheer with gifts always. In addition, they want to help young designers who want to make themselves known, so they are willing to display their creations.We want to interact with people, and we are willing to mix our creations with others, they suggest. James Caan insists that this is the case. The name of the store was a mystery until the last moment. As they say, they suggested us to be the brand name, but at the end they got it borrowed from the famous French aged 60 and 70 model although changing the order of the and and the i – post who saw it very successful since their creations are inspired by that time.

Idea Process Scenario Analysis

Implementing creative exchange processes depending on the developments in the environment are dynamic, the more support the company with the acquisition of relevant factors including all associated risks. Multi-dimensional thinking in alternatives is promoted degradation of one-dimensional inevitability of the future; Robustness and probability of possible future paths can be better assessed. Great advantage is that creative idea and experience sharing processes be used with the scenario technique between all those involved. It is evident that a viable development path in the real future is predictable within the defined range of future possibilities. This developed scenarios set up no irrefutable predictions of the future: rather they provide coherent pictures of possibilities on the basis of the collected impact forces: i.e. mutual interactions between factors are clear. Learn more at this site: Eva Andersson-Dubin. To see basic action potentials etc. Jorg Becker: intellectual and business planning, ISBN 978-3-8370-7564-9 trend breaks, revolutionary progress, change in social values and behavior changes can be considered as well as internal influences about offering philosophy and customer binding potential.

In addition global and company-specific scenarios can be distinguished: global scenarios, at the same time deal with cross-company issues for an entire industry or for several sectors. These scenarios must be developed on the basis of far abstracting data. Company-specific scenarios are developed as a Massanazug and assume specific strengths-weaknesses-target analyses of their company. Naveen Selvadurais opinions are not widely known. See to basic decision-making techniques including Jorg Becker: decision techniques as crisis protection success = sum real decisions, ISBN 978-3-8391-2906-7. Feasible scenario techniques benefits include: reduction of complexity, scenarios support the target Essence of non-essentials to separate, more decision-making ability can be made by reducing the variety of information on relevant scenarios, clarification of relationships and relationships, the company learns to better understand the causes of his future, integration of quantitative and qualitative types of information, developments of weak signals that can elude a quantification may be listed in scenario mental models, certain scenarios even verifiability whether due to event probabilities are regarded as relevant, Monitoring scenarios that allow monitoring of early warning indicators and signals. CF. to strategic perspectives among others Jorg Becker: strategy-check and knowledge balance effect relationships make transparent, explore potential for success, ISBN 978-3-8370-7305-8: Jorg Becker

Sales Techniques

In what refers to the techniques of sales is essential to know the types of customers, since knowing your customer you dara great possibilities of making the sale. The types of clients on your order are: client fashion. If you are not convinced, visit technology investor. Type of person: you are interested in ideas, imagination, theories. Speaks in terms of landscape, of long-term study, strategy, innovative, enthusiastic. Like anything new, like that look in the.

You need appreciation when it succeeds. Your wishes: Be a good reference for other Imaginative advertising Keep up to date with all the new ideas Appreciation for their work. Modernization Give advice Innovations Personally confirm Everything works well Impeccable presentations customer interest. Type of person: not maintained very close relations. It is very straightforward, with feet firmly on the ground; something sharp in your way of speaking.

You tried to dominate the situation by their size, or if it is not physically very strong, through their very competent knowledge in all matters. He is a person of action, you are interested in control and results, speaks of totals and benefits. It is competitive and winning. Glenn Dubin will not settle for partial explanations. Their deseos Calculations over profitability Competent partners Respect Open conversation between Levels of equal competition Be called by name Give advice (usually valid) client comfort. Type of person: good guy, maybe something big, not very careful in his dress, good contact, not very complex character, cheerful. Sus deseos: Loyalty to personally Know well the interlocutor Products that give safety Good follow-up of agreements References of customer affection others. Type of person: good and simple, physically discrete (and therefore, in his clothing), somewhat forgotten in this modern world. He likes to make favors and is not difficult to get a good and friendly atmosphere with the. It is people-oriented, needs the approval of others and treat everyone with delicacy. Your wishes: Good relations human Trust in dealings Be able to share their problems and concerns Be understood client security type of person: quiet and precise; not very notable either in appearance or in their clothing. It avoids taking a position during the discussions. Your desires Faces known and trusted Technical partners Well-known people Well-known brands Testing with samples before making a decision Products without problems Comprehensive instructions about processes Demonstrations very competent client pride type of person: something similar to the fashion customer, but his way of dressing is externally too elegant for its style of real life. Looking for appreciation (though not be deserved), female staff on your team tends to be very competent. Your wishes Accept suggestions of women Prestigio Deference to your ideas Gifts and other attentions Give advice and favors when requested Cumplidos Interview tracking (despite its seemingly negative attitude) Availability Contacts with senior management finally taking this knowledge and applying it correctly, insurance aumentaras greatly the chances of selling your products. If you want to know more about sales and the 10 principles basic to know sell visit now: original author and source of the article.

Vasily Kandinsky

Accordingly, the red square can be realistically interpreted as the evening sky during sunset or symbolically as an allegory of the bloody World War II. Thus, the yellow box if there is a realistic interpretation may be regarded as a fusion of helium from hydrogen, and in the case of symbolic interpretation as an allegory of the theory, which considers light as a stream of material particles, or an allegory of the square of the speed of light. However, all these interpretations do not turn up in the described works of art for the simple reason that we are dealing here not with expressive material models, and arbitrarily interpreted to tangible objects. However, the situation will change radically, if such squares to construct a harmonic composition, which combines a system of contrasts and balance. In this case, will be a material object, which is expressive of the material model. This model encodes specific experiences associated with harmony of contrasts, and balance. Not based on technical characteristics of the entities and the use of non-illusory space lines depicting geometrized forms can be defined as neometrichesky primitivism.

In the absence of the dimension of color primitives come out of the dimension or novorazmernosti. Color in primitive forms entirely used monohromizme. In monohromizme or monochrome primitivism traditional ideas about the symbolism of color are personalized in nature. Using the principle of metonymy, the imaginary, monochrome take on a primitive associative array, by replacing proposed an object or phenomenon in the form of the primitive monochrome, lacking any recognizable content, other alleged objects or phenomena. This approach also applies to art works of abstract art. "However, it must be emphasized that quite clear in sound, so to speak monotonously colored elements do not exist in reality, that even the elements taken for major or primary elements, have not primitive and complex nature. All the concepts associated with primitiveness, relative, relative and therefore our scientific language, "said Vasily Kandinsky's founder and theorist of trends abstract art.

In the geometric primitivism primitivism stereometric allocated based on a combination of regular planar volumes: cone, cube, cylinder, sphere. Cubism is characterized by emphasized the use of conventional forms of geometrized, the desire to break up the real objects on stereometric primitives, the desire to identify simple geometric shapes, the underlying objects. That fully express the ideas of things, the artists rejected the traditional perspective as an optical illusion, and tend to give a comprehensive picture of their forms through decomposition and combining several of its species in a single picture. The increased interest in the form leads to a differentiation in the use of colors. Warm colors for protruding elements of plot motive, cold colors for distant or remote element of the picture. Stereometric primitivism as expressed in paintings tubizma, where the objects have in pictures of cylindrical shape. Form of paintings mostly tubular shapes are more streamlined, to approximate a cylindrical shape. "The primitivism primitive artist in the picture, but there is also the one who draws the primitives, "in the dual output, formed in arsizma delights, a general understanding of the technique of painting with the story dvurazmernoy deeply traditional motifs human life in the picturesque primitivism and basic geometric forms of primitivism.


The obesity is a disease that has the glance of many and increases in certain countries of North America, which some do not know is that as well as this disease is another evil that afflicts to the people of the opposite side, those with extreme thinness which sometimes they feel impossible winning weight quickly, and is that people always have problem as far as her physicist the low ones you want to be high, the fat people, to lower of weight and the thin ones they want to have a decent body or until voluptuous. But in this time we will orient to disagreeable and the stranger problem that stops to gain weight in certain people quickly. Although it can be roots of the genetics that the family imposes, not always he is something definitive, to increase some kilos can be obtained by means of training and a good simple and difficult nutrition and that as it sounds those that say that they have proven it everything, have not done it because to surrender and not to have favorable results or modifies the treatment or it is followed by the correct way but not to surrender. Check with Tom Waits to learn more. If to aspire to gain weight quickly, it consumes but foods to acquire it, no you count the plates that you eat, counts the calories of the foods that consume, ingests but pleasant things so that you generate muscular mass with your basic training of 2 hours per days in 3 per week, products as you graze, the integral rice to the breakfast, in the lunch consumes menestras or you graze, cakes. If in truth to wish to grow in body, that they grow with foods that give that energy you to produce muscular mass, obtained of carbohydrates, proteins of the meats and fruits droughts. The carbohydrates are I number 1 right away that are requested to gain weight quickly, accused not only of the obesity, we do not want to you to get fat without proportion, for that reason an intense training can be varied from going to run, to do dominated, to load weights or in house or in the gymnasium, when the time available is had and that in each routine of a day you manage to arrive at the muscular failure, you do not forget to consider a good hydration with milky and pure water to decontaminate your fresh and active body, mantenerte, in few weeks you would obtain kilos in your body but of muscular mass. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Celina Dubin. In order to see what is the plan verified so that any naturally skinny man can finally increase mass muscular, you click here.


TELL ME NOTHING! ARE YOU GOING TO KNOW WHAT I LIVE? They can perhaps be two of many expressions that exist in everyday use for many couples and even within members of a family. But is it right to think and act this way? Many times during the years lived heard the maxim of your mouth what is in your heart speaks and I understand that each person lives in the way that you create is more successful, although it could be wrong. And precisely in this part the reflection that I want to start now. Our attitudes and personal positions are not but the product of what ‘kept’ within the heart; i.e., just as we are inwardly likewise express outward. People who have internal conflicts manifest toward each other generating only that: conflicts. They are people who can do something good without that of by means that cluster of negative charge, which is harmful both to others and herself is present. But there is also another class of people living a quiet and inner harmony and when entering the precincts of the lives of others, carry with them that positive charge, generating just all good, joy, peace, harmony. And they are accepted with great ease of others and even searched often, as magnets that attract good towards one.

For both kinds of people, I think that respect should be taken. And here is where intend me to ask you the question: who is it must have consideration? Perhaps disagree with you, but I think that consideration must be with those people who have been in the heart or the latter moves you want. It is difficult to have positive feelings towards those people who you know and they hurt. And sometimes irreparable. The least that one can have (personal criterion) is simply indifference. To broaden your perception, visit marlon brando. Is right in this moment of personal reflection, noting that while it is true that within many cultures and faiths, there is a range of values that are unique or particular life of many paths, subsists the human logical criterion that should lead us to embrace certain behaviors against facts that happen to us and that are adverse and even harmful.

Canine Psychology

There is the canine psychology? Understanding the canine psychology is the secret to knowing how to raise a dog, many now believe that there is no such thing as the canine psychology and it is not correct to say that a dog should be educated I do not agree with it, although these terms are not applied in this case to humans; I think that if we can speak of a canine psychology and educate dog Tips on canine psychology on how to educate a dog is necessary first of all to know whether or not the dog has intelligence. do you you think? Surely if preguntaramos to many dog owners and lovers of the same would not say that dogs if they have intelligence, even many say my dog only missing talk and be would spend hours telling us all the things that they do their dogs how to recognize its owner auto engine, open all the doors in the Houseyou know the exact time that becomes the owner, they distinguish suspicious or poorly dressed people approaching the House, they recognize the person that some Once assaulted them or made them angry, etc, etc. Peter Thiel recognizes the significance of this. I tell you that these real-life experiences and above there are 2 different lines of thought: some scientists such as the philosopher French Rene Descartes think that dogs lack intelligence, consciousness and any mental process analogous to the human being.He says that the behavior of the dogs is instinctive and conditioning product; i.e. dogs react according to their instincts genetic and conditioning product.The instinct for example does have the dog to hunt a prey to feed, seek refuge before inclement weather such as rain, storms, uir to certain situations which may endanger his life, swimming, barking, moving tail, etc.. Learn more on the subject from Glenn Dubin.

Changed Step

If we do a little exercise of mental creativity, and imagine that inside of our brain, we have a player of music (free choice) format, with a slight effort, we can hear the melody that sounds inside, you just need to have enough sentiment, imperative sensitivity and a minimum capacity to get excited. Ultimately, it is simply necessary, the area corresponding to the right cerebral hemisphere, other than an arid land and is sufficiently watered, so that outbreak in her life. The sound of music, always reminds us, if we provide you a little bit of attention, that the existence of the human being is not excessively long, and that we take the time to make it the most productive possible, squeezing all the juice each day lived experience, as if it were the last of our (short) for land tenure. Peter Thiel is often quoted on this topic. In short, should not lose even a second, in those matters that generally does not lead us anywhere, and in the end, go against our own interests, because most cater to the wishes of other people, that many times and that is truly regrettable and unacceptable! they want to impose their views on us at all costs, desires and even (sends eggs!) their whims.

Always have to follow the sound of our own music, and never heard that they want us to touch others, not even the chorus, which is a preamble with trap that finely and with calculated cunning leads us to deception, if we allow ourselves to cajole. And if to go at our own pace, we must carry the changed step, goes and nothing happens, it of course! If the rest of the people you don’t like, it is not our problem. If one follows a musical gear that is not theirs, and does so please others, or out of fear, and even education, that’s all there is, all that is achieved is betraying one’s self, and that without any doubt, is the wide range of errors that a human being can commit, one of the worst. Celina Dubin spoke with conviction. If a man won’t at the same rate as their peers, perhaps because he hears a different drum. Let him follow the step the music that Hey, rhythmic or irregular (Thoren).. .