Task Backup

Everything is ready. Click the button 'Run Task'. The program minimizes to the system tray, displaying a little yellow disc that netoropyas starts to rotate. At this time, you can not access to the program. Please be patient. The more documents you have, the longer it will run the backup. When restore the logo, open the program.

Click the tab 'protocol'. Figure 10. Bookmark 'protocol' short educational program: – The 'Date' displays the date of the operation. Current date is displayed in green. If it's Saturday or Sunday, then displayed in red. – The 'Time' shows the time operation.

Time from 17 pm to 8 am is shown in red. – The 'Action' shows the operation in progress. The first line, the start of the program is displayed in blue. Green shows the operation create an archive and copy it into the repository. Records of red in the 'action' should not be. If there are records of red, sort it out with your settings. Record 'COPY to FTP: openfile.RU' must be green. Open obtain a local file in the folder C: backup archivers with WinRAR or 7-Zip. Test the archive. Carefully analyze what files were archived. Maybe you forgot something to include? Please note, the standard setup program scans the entire disk 'C', it can pack the documents even from the recycle bin! If everything is ok, then close the archive and open the site openfile.ru. Go with your login and password. Figure 11. Sharing openfile.ru go in a private office, disclose the item 'FTP' and make sure there is our backup. While the file is located in this folder, one can not download it, and you as well. The file will be stored on site within a month. After 30 days the file will be deleted. But during this period, the program will create 4 more backup. Thus, the site will always store the last 5 backups. Experience shows that in this way can be downloaded at openfile.ru copy of 500 mb or more. Would be a good channel communication. If the unexpected happened, the world collapses around you, and you need to download the file, then put the file in one of the groups, for example 'File'. There you will find and download link. I sincerely hope that this will never be need some help! Besides this site, you can use file sharing filehoster.ru. Of course, she must be registering. So, every Friday automatically creates a backup copy of your documents or programming source code and poured on file sharing. The first copy – full, the next four – incremental. Further, all repeated. To restore the data enough to have a full and final incremental backup. Hoster keeps track of urgency copies, and deletes obsolete. What we wanted. Free software can be downloaded from Backup42

Lower Heating

Fireplace installation has become commonplace for cottage construction. Installing a fireplace in your home will allow you to enjoy warmth and comfort at any time when you just want to! Installing a fireplace can be done the old fashioned way – from laying bricks. But lately, more and more important it becomes mantel. Mantel – is complex block-level elements that make up the fireplace. Facing the fireplace, usually made of natural materials – marble, granite and wood. Perfect fireplace created by the interior of your home based technology construction of fireplaces. Heating furnaces are used to organize the heating system in a country house. Heating stoves, manufactured in our company have several advantages, such as – reliability, durability, heat and of course, easy to install.

Heating furnace, as a rule, is small, and heats a small room – for example, a room. Thanks to the momentary heating furnace heating this room warms up quickly. When choosing a heating furnace should be borne in mind that the bottom of the furnace should be heated quickly to heat cold floors and other well cold air in the house. Heating and cooking stove intended for space heating and cooking, heating water and bread. Unnecessarily heating and cooking stove, and contains iron stove and oven – its heating properties increase. Heating and cooking furnaces their roots far back in time, namely heating and cooking stoves were in every house in Russia, and allowed not only to heat the premises, but also cook. Currently, heating and cooking stoves are not lost its relevance – they are still used in cottages and country houses where there is no central heating. Heating and cooking stove is a double decker hood.

The lower tier is warming strongly that can heat the cold air at the bottom of the room. Because the upper and lower tiers of the heating and cooking stoves communicate with each other, the warm air does not come out of the oven, and provides longer heating. Heating and cooking stoves are used not only in the winter – thanks to a special valve can provide the output of heated air out through the chimney, and even in the summer heating and cooking stove is used for cooking. Choose a heating system for your home based on the technical features of the house and let in your house will be warm!

Choosing Shoes

Available on the membrane of shoes, choose shoes for the winter If 10 years ago about buying clothes membrane thought only advanced athletes and skiers, but now it becomes a part of life not only of many adults walking to work, but also children, and practically from birth. What is membrane? Let's start with definitions: Membrane (from lat.membrna "parchment") – a film, usually serving as a semipermeable separator media (including the shell) or oscillating surface. . "Membrane – it's either very fine film that is laminated (welded or glued to the special technology) to the upper fabric, or special treatment, firmly stamped on fabric with hot way during manufacture. From inside the film or impregnation may be protected by another layer of fabric.

" What is the principle of the membranes? They have a structure in the form of a film with a pore size of several thousand times smaller water droplets, but most of the H2O molecule, so the drop just does not pass through them. This ensures water resistance. But the water vapor molecules pass through the pores freely. When you sweat, there difference in partial pressure of water vapor inside the shoe and out. This is the driving force for removal of vapor that is expelled. Why the child is cold? Most likely so: 1. Too tight shoes – immobilized fingers are freezing.

Too big – no heat-effect. 2. Hundred with legs (extra toes). Leg alternately sweats and cools. 3. or socks without synthetic membrane under boots.