Laying Linoleum

There are several ways to lay linoleum, for example if you have a wooden floor, then the best way to use dry stacking. They are a little bit and we'll tell. So, for that would have been invisible seams, plank dvol linoleum planks, so that would have got the middle joint of the board. It is also recommended that adjacent sheets are laid with 20-30mm nahletom, for trimming and covering the junction. Just in this way can be laid on concrete base, for this drill hole in the floor and insert a dowel in the bottom for screwing in screws. For a room with ledges, pipes and radiators, it is best to do a preliminary layout, which would further facilitate stacking.

After laying in this case, the excess cut off with a knife. Just to ease installation and better quality of work, you can use the templates (made of cardboard or any sheet material), in this case, moving all items space on the canvas can be put linoleum final weeks of fitting in place. I have a linoleum weak spot, it's edge. Settling the edge of nails in the end you do not get very good connection, maybe, the holes clogged with dirt and moisture falls that result in a negative impact on the appearance and bond strength. Recommended for securing the edges to use construction adhesive. Platform is the same and additional fixation protect the joint, you can use a metal overlay. In the market provided a myriad of options and color layouts. Layouts can be mounted with screws or nails in liquid. Having laid linoleum, give a few days to accept their form and then proceed to the fastening skirting. Recommended: cleaning linoleum, an important element of the general cleaning of the apartment.