Biomass stoves are currently the best option to heat our House when this does not require the power of a boiler or central heating in winter. Biomass is renewable organic matter, both of animal origin such as vegetable, including materials from their natural or artificial, transformation that is intended to generate energy. For these characteristics, they are greener than fossil fuels. Biomass stoves based on traditional life charcoal stoves, but applying more advanced technology, which is more comfortable to use and is optimized combustion. Some of them offer a great power, being especially indicated for large spaces, and others are ideal for domestic power. There are two main types of biomass stoves: the ones that work with pellets (most modern biomass fuel) and those that used firewood. The use of biomass stoves has several advantages, such as receive grants, its CO2 emissions are virtually nil, it is a renewable and inexhaustible, fuel in addition to cheap and some models have a design that allows you to take advantage of them for cooking. Biomass is solar energy converted by vegetation in organic matter; We can recover it that energy by combustion directly or transforming organic matter into other fuels. Contrary to the energies drawn from the tanatomasa (coal, oil), energy derived from biomass is renewable indefinitely.

Email Trade Electronic

The technology is really booming these days, and that it is on a large scale is the trade of electronic email. In its broadest sense, electronic commerce could be conducted more efficiently if you take the help of advertising or marketing. Thus, to give a boost to e-commerce, e-mail marketing is one of the techniques used, in fact, is a very good technical and beneficial. as you all know, these days the work of postman is summarized, thanks to the new version of IE, email letters. This letter format, can reach their destination i.e.

in half a second, provided they have the address of e-mail rather than residence address. All you need to do is type the address and content to be sent from the keyboard of a computer and click send the letter to the receiver. in fact, it is a time saver and is fairly simple, the trade of electronic email. But the e-mail is not only used for sending letters, but It also makes use in the commercialization of several companies. If you have noticed it, the various themes of interest and in that topic want an email for that to be delivered to you. This is called email marketing for the company that makes this technique, and is that mails your mail, since the company wants to build a good relationship with you, as you are the merchant.

Also, if you were a former client of them, they then want to rebuild the relationship with you. In a broader sense, they want you to buy their products, and their products are well sold on a regular basis. Another tactic is to add advertisements sent by other companies in your e-mail address. It also provides air to the empresay will help them to succeed and win loyal customers. Mainly, the e-mails that are sent via the Internet, have a greater potential to large companies, compared with the e-mails that are sent outside of the Internet, so the email trade electronicoes the best.