Albert Einstein

From a physical point of view often feel enormous limitations, situations like death and control of certain events seem to be outside our capabilities, analyzing it from the logical and conscious optics so it is, but when we get to know us who we really are at the level of the spiritual forces we realize that life is an illusion, which as said Albert Einstein is very persistent. Absorbing life of many occupations we wrap in a system that demands the use of the senses to 100%, this binds us to the material plane, however there is a different world at the level of the subconscious and unconscious mind, we must connect us to them to get super data that can help us to express our creative capacity. All the great inspirations have come to people’s lives because somehow they connected their wishes with the creative energy, there is the door to all the universal knowledge, they are complex to explain processes, but they always work. Have been given to each of us a great power, that allows us to perform great discoveries, occurs because domestically it is all the knowledge to transform the world, that’s why Albert Einstein said that imagination that intelligence, what he meant? is more powerful The way to gain access to internal knowledge is entering the current creator of the universe, or in the power of your subconscious mind. Further details can be found at Expa, an internet resource. Many people know that this is true, but the big question is about registration to that power? The answer lies in knowing the characteristics of the subconscious mind, the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar will find solid principles about the functioning of the internal power, will know that the first requirement for connecting a desire with our subconscious mind is to overcome our limiting beliefs and avoid internal conflicts, to read this book includes steps to take an idea to categorically. .

Selecting A Font For The Site

Font selection – no easy task for anyone who starts to create a site or web page. At the time of rapid development of computer and printer technology arose such a mass and variety of fonts that get lost in them can be very easy, especially if you are a beginner WEB-designer. Despite the fact that many fonts are extremely difficult to classify, in other words to rank to any class or type, classification, albeit not entirely accurate, but still exists. Starting from the establishment of various fonts, and many of them very old, fonts can be classified as old, not so old and new. If you start from the typeface, fonts can be divided into two large array – it's serif fonts (serifs) and fonts without serifs (sans serifs) or both, these fonts are also called – chopped. In a separate class of isolated so-called proportional fonts. Their main feature of the same width of the letters and characters on can be judged by its name.

In addition there are fonts called decorative, and you're probably quite often clashed with them. Feature of these fonts – the use of various stylized script, gothic, Arabic, hieroglyphics, Old. Used effects of three-dimensional graphics, shading, unadorned. Of the fonts that we know and use today, one of the oldest think serif fonts, such as Garamon (Garamond) and Times (Times Roman). Scope of these fonts – where the need lightweight, easy to read font that does not tire the reader's eyes. And on the WEB-page is the bulk of the typed text. Sans-serif fonts or sans-serif, were created much later serifs, in the twenties in Germany.

Addiction creators of the new font to abandon all that, in their presentation, shall not be practical load from all decorations, including of notches, gave impetus to the creation Sans-serif fonts. Such as Futura (Futura). In those days, amid the widespread dominance of the old fonts, new look very bad. Some time it was even believed that chopped fonts completely replace their old rivals. But this did not happen. The reason is that the log-readable fonts bad in large amounts of text, they are simply tedious for a long read. In the future, the evolution of these fonts has given us such as a popular Arial and newest Freeset. Decorative Fonts little used in the design of web pages, because it is very difficult to pick up a couple of fonts. If the site design is to use a decorative font, then it's simple out of this situation – to make it unique on the page if this is of course possible. Summarizing the above, we can say that the most natural choice for the web pages are serif fonts, and chopped, and first be used to dial the main text, and the latter for a set of headers, and especially good they look in a very bold and in bold. If you are not easy to make the right choice of font – Take a pair of Times Roman and Arial or Garamond and Freeset.

Format Digital

LCD display in today's digital cameras can be equipped with a tilting mechanism, and have a great resolution to the picture on screen was as clear. Memory is often "digital camera" equipped with a built-in memory, usually not exceeding 20 – 32 MB. This memory is usually not enough and therefore often buy external memory cards, which come in several types. It is important to remember that each camera only supports certain formats of memory cards. File Format Digital camera manufacturers always point file formats, which are stored photos.

Most modern cameras record data in JPEG, which takes place far less than professional formats, but visually a little different from them. For more professional formats include TIFF and RAW, which require higher equipment software and good quality electronics. The power supply is an important characteristic, which is not always given great account. Despite the fact that this option does not directly affect the quality of the pictures, he gets great value for frequent use and long-term use of digital cameras. Digital cameras consume a large amount of energy, especially when using LCDs, so a spare power supply will never be over.

Usually comes with a charger set of batteries. Worth bearing in mind that each model camera has its own format batteries. Additional features various advanced features complement the capabilities of modern digital cameras. For example, the ability to record video and audio allows you to make sound comments to photos and shoot dynamic objects. True, often the quality of video in digital cameras "lame". In addition, the video recording time is limited and does not depend on the size of memory. However, it is not too demanding digital camera users can quite substitute for a camcorder. Understanding the importance of these basic characteristics will help you avoid getting lost in a huge variety of modern technology and select a suitable digital camera. However, as mentioned above, the main thing – it's to decide for themselves, for what tasks you need a digital camera. Then the further process of selecting a digital camera to based on performance will be much easier and faster. Source: – tests and reviews of cameras


Aluminum – lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant, easy to clean construction material, long-life, environmentally friendly, does not contain impurities of heavy metals, does not emit harmful substances under the influence ultraviolet rays and keep working in all weather conditions when temperature changes from -80 0 C and up to 100 0C. Aluminum is better than other material retains its structural properties with temperature changes. After the surface treatment of aluminum products, they become resistant to the harmful effects caused by rain, snow, and smog. One of the drawbacks of aluminum is that the direct contact of aluminum with other metals can cause leakage of electrolytic reactions, which leads in turn to a strong aluminum, until its destruction. To date, the technology was perfected production of aluminum – the main material for making light and thin structures, which possess the same strength and durability as traditional structural building materials.

Aluminium profile, usually made of three-Alloy: aluminum, magnesium, silicon. Aluminium has high thermal conductivity, so all the leading manufacturers produce two types of profiles that differ in scope: "cold" profile, with high thermal conductivity, without a thermometer insert. Suitable for doors (both internal and external) in unheated buildings or for manufacturing Interior doors in heated rooms, "warm" profile combined with low thermal conductivity, having a heat-insulating box. Intended for the manufacture of exterior doors in heated buildings.

Oratory Techniques

The good speaker or exhibitor, born or made? Undoubtedly, as in any profession, there are people with natural talent and willingness to perform effectively in particular occupation or discipline. But, in the case of people who need to speak in public and in any other activity, nothing serve talent without discipline and public speaking techniques indispensable to organize, systematize and transmit ideas understandable and, above all, ideas that convince the receiver; that take you to clear conclusions or generate debate. Both the talented, as who apparently is not, require unfailingly certain tools to successfully achieve express a coherent idea in public. The professional, amateur, anyone who at any time in their life have live such experience, must, necessarily, follow certain steps to achieve your goal. There are many methods that claim to drive towards excellence in the field speak well in public. No doubt, each who decides at its time, it is the most appropriate. However, in my personal case, I want to share with you the fundamental, based on my knowledge and experience gained over the years, as an exhibitor in closed groups or as an orator before crowds at public square. Public speaking techniques are called.And to sum up, they summarize in three fundamental steps that allow the elusive goal of being able to speak in public without the horror that clouds the mind and makes failure to either. First: Learn enough about the topic to try and organize it in an introduction, a body of the argument and a conclusion. Second: With enough knowledge of the subject, it is possible to then apply certain keys to overcome the fear of the public.

Change Apartment

Put a new finish flat – this is probably the most superficial level of change, but also equally important to create comfort and coziness in your home. Changing something in the apartment or house, such as flooring or wallpaper, you do not change the layout of the apartment, the distribution of functional areas and assign rooms remains the same. Thus it is possible to change the very atmosphere of the apartment, the rooms do hospitable, cheerful, bright, apparently adjust their sizes and proportions, with the help distinguish textures, shades of color, drawing, wallpaper, etc. Finishing materials and finishing some of the techniques, creating basically seeing the living space, create overall color color, and hence the interior. From decorative trim quality is directly related perceptions and all other interior elements. Finish combines natural light and view from the window highlight the benefits of planning space and conceal flaws. In order to change the finish of the apartment, you need to pick up the necessary materials (color, texture, pattern).

The new finish includes replacement wall, ceiling and floor coverings, furniture rearrangement, a possible transfer of light sources. The changes that take place only with the replacement of trim, require less labor, time, materials and money than overhaul the apartment. Change of finish – is one way to give the interior an apartment or room features inimitableness, arrange accommodation in style, taking into account recent developments in the field of modern materials. Furnish useful to those who either rent an apartment, or those who just got an apartment, but does not know that live in it will be a long time, whose means do not allow to overhaul the apartment. Cost of materials for decoration and of the work, is small compared to the purchase of new furniture and other household equipment. In addition, all domestic equipment can be used in landscaping for new homes. Before the beginning of work, be sure to analyze the condition of the apartment. If there are problems with communication systems and are more serious, then you first need to solve them without addressing these problems in time you can lose time and money, and never dobitsya comfort and coziness.

Southern California Risk

/ Electromagnetic fields generated by frequencies of such devices are considered to be possibly carcinogenic to humans. One study found a 40% increase in the risk of brain cancer among users employing thirty minutes a day over a period of ten years. The World Health Organization (who) and the International Agency for research in Cancer (IARC) have linked the use of mobile phones with a possible risk of brain cancer in humans. Both organizations have said this Tuesday in Lyon (Southeast France) electromagnetic fields generated by frequencies of such devices are considered to be possibly carcinogenic to humans and therefore are classified in Category 2B. WHO and IARC based its decision of that classification in the evidence on the impact of these electromagnetic fields in the origin of gliomas, a malignant type of brain cancer. Although not quantified the risk, the WHO-IARC working group referred to a study, with data up to 2004, detected a 40% increase in the risk of glioma among the most frequent users of mobile, i.e. those who employed them average thirty minutes a day over a period of ten years.

However, he explained that the evidence of the risk of glioma and acoustic neuroma are limited to mobile users, which means that there is an association positive credible between exposure to the agent and cancer, but that other factors in the development of this can not be excluded. The head of the working group formed by the who and IARC, Jonathan Samet of the University of Southern California, said that the evidence gathered so far are solid enough () for the classification of the type 2B. Evidence limited carcinogenicity this category is one that the IARC uses to identify environmental factors that can increase the risk of cancer in humans and between the There are chemical substances, occupational exposures, and biological, and physical agents among others. Since 1971, the IARC has analyzed more than 900 agents, of which approximately 400 have been identified as carcinogenic or potentially carcinogenic to humans. Group 2B includes agents which have a limited carcinogenicity in humans and the 2A evidence those who are probably carcinogenic to humans. In the first group, 1?, the IARC includes agents for which has sufficient evidence that are carcinogenic to humans.

The conclusion of the working group which presented its results in Lyon is that there could be some risk and that, therefore, we must closely monitor the link between mobile phones and cancer risk, said Samet. Christopher Wild, IARC director, added that, given the potential consequences of these results, this classification for public health, it is important that investigation into more long-term intensive use of mobile. In the absence of such information, it is important to take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure to devices such as the handsfree or sending text messages, said Wild. Source of the news: who warns of the possible risk of brain cancer by the use of mobile

Visual Studio

The garbage collector runs periodically within the CLR, automatically restoring the unused memory for inaccessible objects. This model eliminates the low-level details of manipulating the memory of C + + and the involvement of reference counting COM.Bezopasnost types. When you compile an application. NET adds to the assembly information about the classes, their members, etc. This type of data and allows other applications to use them, without requiring additional support files, and compiler – to ascertain the correctness of a query directly into the runtime. This additional level of security is fully eliminates the risk of all types of low-level oshibok.Rasshiryaemye metadata.

Information about the classes and members is only one type of metadata. NET can be stored in a compiled assembly. Metadata describes the code and allow you to provide additional information the runtime and other services. For example, the metadata may indicate the debugger how to run the tracing code, or tell about Visual Studio how design-time should be displayed any special control. They can also be used to enhance more public a service at runtime, for example, to activate transaction or the pool . error handling.

Languages. NET supports structured exception handling that allows you to organize error handling logical and consistent manner, ie, create for different types of errors for the individual blocks and exception handlers placed at a depth of as much as several urovney.Mnogopotochnost. The CLR provides a pool of threads that can be used in different classes. For example, you can asynchronously call methods that read files, or to interact with Web-services without having to explicitly create new threads. Fig. 2 shows a high-level structure of the CLR and the. NET Framework. Fig. 2. CLR and the. NET Framework Fifth fact: ASP.NETyavlyaetsya object-oriented technology It not only provides full access to all objects in. NET Framework, but also allows you to use all the concepts of object-oriented programming (OOP).


PInEIRA AND WORK RIGHT. The choice of Sebastian Pineira us is demonstrating how the progressive forces have always wrong the way ahead the road of revisionism by trying to use the path of the bourgeois system for alleged construction of the new State, without exploited without exploiters. That road is wrong for the simple example that in a house outside you do not you can impose conditions, for being outside home, in which the class enemy, in this case imposes conditions for development and society movement. What did the revisionism in Chile is to give opportunity to the bourgeoisie from accumulating forces and wash face after years in which ruled Chile and imposed a genocidal dictatorship to impose a bourgeois economic system, in which the revisionists rescued for to convince the masses that this was the way of the peace of the graveyards. Was o not so? How many dead there was after the coup to Salvador Allende, who was a naive revisionist, that by such it paid more than his intention to change the system bourgeois of exploitation, which now has been asserted with the enthronement of Sebastian Pineira, but with the face wash: this confuses the mass in Chile, which brought as a collation that the masses confused as hope to bourgeois forces such as Exchange.

They have given to the masses some blinders that misrepresent what view view, your eyes see, but they will never receive what is. But there is also a revisionism of left, such as Guzman in the Peru, mistakenly wanted to fight a war in the manner of medieval dictatorships with hatch Marxist. Firstly the Peru is not a nation. What represents the Peru is a small sub-group of Creoles that have assaulted and imposed its dictatorship with fierce hand to other Nations; many of them who suffer from misogyny, unable to respond, due to the lack of leadership that hopefully nest in your heart with the Grupo taki.