The Wound

In addition, the surface of the film accumulated condensate, which is also harmful to plantings, causing fungal disease. Currently, the technology of production, allowing to produce products of various structures with reinforcing inclusions, with additives, light stabilizers and substances svetopreobrazovateley, as well as pigments. With this comes on the market a variety of types of films, for example, a particularly clear for greenhouses or black mulch. Can note the light-stabilized high-strength materials, or, conversely, for grafting cuttings fotodestruktiruemye, collapsing after the wound site of implantation. Danish manufacturers have mastered the production of reinforced polyethylene film. Reinforcing component in it is a mesh fiberglass mesh around 1010 mm, fused in a plastic base. With this film has great strength (withstands at least three seasons of operation) and is stable for strong gusts of wind. It is a valuable asset that a random break is not spreading further polyethylene single cell.

A variety of such material – porous film, in every cell which has microscopic holes, leaking air and water. In greenhouses, hothouses, sheltered by it, the plants are free to "breathe". Release films reinforced and mastered by domestic manufacturers. A few years ago in the Russian market a new kind of domestic light-transforming plastic film ("Biosvet", "vintage"). Its members have specific colored substances (phosphors) that serve a filter for sunlight. Of solar radiation they emit and allows only a certain range of waves that regulate metabolic processes in plant development, intensify the photosynthesis. Plants absorb more than 50% of visible light, increase yield and fruit quality, significantly shortened the growing season.


The process of printing at Thermorollen thermal structure of Thermorollen paper base the paper base is a wood-free paper, developed and produced especially for the demands on thermal paper. Thus it is aligned from the beginning on the quality of the final product. Only high quality products and tools are used. Dash above the paper base is with a stroked out accidentally. This is the guarantee that there is a uniformly smooth surface on which the Thermocoating is applied. This encourages a high resolution line above and therefore supports a high resolution.

In addition, a heat discharge into the paper is prevented. Thus optimized he stroked in the sensitive properties of the Thermostriches. Thermocoating the Thermocoating absolutely consists of three elemtare things: a) dye, b) co re Aktant and c) the melting point regulator. At the market of heat energy, a chemical reaction which brings a discoloration or blackening of the paper unfolds. The actual Thermocoating consists in the Of three elements: dye, co-re Aktant and the melting point regulator. Application of thermal energy produces a chemical reaction, which then causes the discoloration or blackening of the paper. Protection line as last a protection line comes on the Thermostich.

This is applied in order to protect the surface from influences. Brwon from outside are E.g. environmental conditions such as high humidity or water chemistry influence: fats, varnishes, oils etc. Mechanical influences such as E.g. scratches the life of the print head is also increased by the protection bar on the front. Back stroke back strokes, is important if the paper influences such as: adhesives (adhesive when using labels) or plasticizers is exposed. Also improved the printability and the plan concerns of the paper under different climatic conditions with special back strokes. See also Thermorollen1

Water Stoves Technology

The new Olsberg stove models have arrived Munich, the July 20, 2010 – just in time before the start of the next heating season the fire depot provides an overview of the innovative technology of Olsberg, so that homeowners can make an informed decision. Patented combustion technology represents the integrated secondary air device a new of type of intelligent side air duct at the current stoves of company Olsberg. This innovation dynamically controls the combustion air supply in a secondary air channel and provides an optimum combustion with reduced fuel consumption, low emissions and maximum heat output in the result. Of course, these ovens meet the requirements of the BlmSchV-permanently Novella. 70% for the hot water through the heater also greatly improved the efficiency of the water-bearing stoves Olsberg.

The current model of Tolima Aqua Compact has not only through an combustion technology independent of room air, but also the patented locking technology provides a particularly high Safe performance. Peter Thiel is full of insight into the issues. So, this stove can actually to the connected heating system, or pass on hot water 70% of its power and heat the room still comfortable with its radiant heat. This efficiency is ecologically and economically valuable. Patented door closing system is ovens door locking system of Olsberg to highlight. The patented system is based on a low-wear hydraulic and has received the explicit approval for the ambient air-independent operation. This means an installation of Olsberg fireplace stove with approved ventilation system no additional safety equipment requiring more. Without consulting what fireplace is now ideal for what needs, does not clarify is mostly only in an individual consultation. The competence of the fire Depot is under the phone number + 49-8143-264530 or by E-Mail available for this purpose.

Modern Technology

Working from home is made possible with the help of new technologies. Monday morning can be one of the most difficult days to get out of bed. If you once should not leave decide your bed and to take one day free itself, you will find here exhilarating suggestions that make your day at home easier. Once a lie-in and spend the whole day in bed is one of the best things you can do if you just don’t want to go to work. After all, nobody benefits from a unfortunate and unproductive employee who has a bad day and put his colleagues in a worse mood. While you have made the best decision and stayed at home, you can be more productive in many cases and help yourself and your peers by working from home.

One of the best ways to work from home while you lie in your bed, is your Internet connection to use in your work-E-mail account to log in. This way you can with your colleagues in Connection remain and be informed about the latest developments and of course Burogossip. So Miss nothing. Considering that Anybots has Start-Up, which established in mountain view, California, developed the first Telepresence robot, a robot technology. The mechanical workers means QB and can do your work for you while you sit at home and control it via the Internet. The robot contains among other things a compact computer, Wi-fi, and a laser pointer and resembles a cross between a Segway and the sweet cast of batteries not included. QB will be available in autumn for a measly $15,000. If you don’t like the idea of a robot in the House, you just think about a phone conference. Hereby you can make phone calls at the same time with many colleagues or your boss, and it doesn’t matter where they are. Jonas boat man

MAN Management

This results in the sector – specific and cross-border applications. By the technical documentation, catalogues, data sheets, validation documentation of medical leaflets, artwork up to leaf collections of lots of the scope of ST4 stretches. The medical technology, pharmaceuticals & life sciences, the machine – and plant construction, information technology, electronics, the automotive industry, publishers and the air – and defense industry today put the SCHEMA on the XML-based solutions. What unites these industries is the trust in the high level of innovation, expertise, and last but not least the economic stability of the Nuremberg company. SCHEMA ST4 is now available in version 3.3 and is used by over 250 customers. Many customer relationships since company inception. We include the SCHEMA users of the first hour and are still amazed by the XML content management system.

The SCHEMA convinced us that with their offer, the expertise and its service team over the years Cooperation!”says Mr Dr. Zinburg, documentation coordinator and co-project manager at Agilent Technologies. Stefan Freisler: As owner-managed companies in the past 15 years we were always profitable and are continuous and organically grown. We have no financial investor and remained self-financed even amid the economic crisis. We have invested all date from the cash flow out.” The scheme works with a broad partner network of 41 partners in Germany and abroad. “Stefan Freisler and Marcus Kesseler pride themselves especially on their excellent staff: software and projects are made by people for people”, the founders explain. Their rate of innovation and speed preserves also in the future the SCHEMA GmbH and their young management team.

She sees it as a challenge, to define the standard for the solution of complex documents on the market in the next 15 years. Reader contact SCHEMA Tel: + 49 911 58 68 61-0 SCHEMA complex documents easily. The SCHEMA GmbH was founded in 1995 by a team of IT and documentation specialists in Nuremberg and has today more than 60 employees at four locations. The flagship ‘ SCHEMA is the XML-based editorial and content management system SCHEMA ST4 “, which around the creation of efficient functions, which provides management and the publication of complex or large quantities of documents. Due to its scalability, it is suitable for use in small editorial teams to return to enterprise-wide solution for information logistics. SCHEMA ST4 in various industrial sectors successfully used, tasks related to complex documents ‘ to solve: software documentation and help systems, technical documentation, catalogues include, Pack media solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, special solutions for public and specialist publishers and also for the contract and proposal management. SCHEMA ST4 integrates easily in modern IT environments: it has been implemented in the Microsoft .NET Framework, supports the Full of documentation relevant standards (XML, XSL: FO, DITA, etc) and has a wide range of interfaces (MS Office, Adobe CS, SAP, Documentum, SharePoint). SCHEMA is networked with renowned partners, specifically to be able to address as well as specific customer and industry solutions.

RAMPF Dosiertechnik

RAMPF Dosiertechnik and KUKA robots celebrate 10 years of cooperation you vacuum carpets, mow the lawn, milking cows, fences. Robot realize what was unthinkable a decade ago, today. Also in industrial production, the machines are now indispensable. But they work efficiently? Respond RAMPF Dosiertechnik and KUKA robot with innovative overall solutions. For a decade, the companies form a strategic partnership and provide dosing systems with integrated automation for small batch sizes. Plastics processors see customized Automation”with this trend and robot manufacturers faced. Behind it hides various challenges such as fluctuating batch sizes, increasing variation in the components and short product life cycles. This calls for coherent concepts, optimise the process operation.

Hartmut Storz fear of contact between the mechanical engineers there must be no”, called as the main condition for a fruitful cooperation. The sales and Marketing Director of RAMPF Dosiertechnik looks back with pride on the past ten years. With KUKA we have realized 40 projects, mainly in the fields of electrical engineering, automotive, and health care. And there are more every day”, Storz added. His company especially in the glue and foam of complex three-dimensional components with climbs above 45 C or difficult evaluation focuses on automation. The experts have acquired extensive know-how in the programming of robots over the years, so that they can bring the machines to life”. This happens mostly in the context of initial sampling in the application technical at RAMPF.

The low pressure systems by RAMPF own for the most diverse single and multi component materials whether silicone, polyurethane or epoxy resin. The property spectrum ranges from liquid, about Pasty to high viscosity and foam. Short cycle times, lower investment costs there are two ways the plastics processing with the Automation to combine. Option one: the mixing system is attached to the robot and moves the mixed system of the component.

Internet Company

Changes are good, they are valuable. And they must be easy sometimes. But should you never lose himself. Hamza was founded in 1988 as a company of rehabilitation technology. The aim of the company is the development and production of high-quality products to facilitate everyday people with disabilities and carers. High quality standards characterize the company and also their requirements for agency partners. “Our goal was to put on an Internet system of the future and on an agency that can join us over the years” explains Reinhard Heymer, founder of Heymer rehabilitation technology.

But it is for companies like us typically difficult in such projects with innovative agencies together to work, because the more often focus on the development of modern, colorful and show designs, which no longer have much to do with our company, as on a really targeted Internet platform.” The Hamza Internet presence offered no flexibility with stale design without content management system for the company. Stand-alone updates were not feasible, missing, clear structures finding their way within the site for potential clients proved to be beyond extremely difficult. By missing Analytics, data could be made also no control the success or failure of the presence on the Web. Aim for Hamza was therefore a technically high quality and search engine optimized system to get, which gives them the possibility to update content on their own, as well as to create more clarity for the various target groups together with Internet experts from all2e revised structures and new design. Reinhard Heymer points out it was us important though in the background to have the best and most technically sophisticated system but at the same time with features and design not hopelessly overwhelm our target groups – and in addition to remain faithful to us as a company”. EZ publish was the all2e GmbH of Brittany rehabilitation technology of the market – and technology-leading content management system offer, this corresponded to all the technical requirements of the company.

Proper Running Technique

How important the proper running technique is to avoid injuries the correct posture while jogging: upright running the so-called “natural” running technique is applied by nearly all joggers. A seemingly light-footed step by the forward momentum of the lower leg to the front, a heel cut put of the foot, torso template and largely passive arms. This technique is problematic, then at the latest is detected if a vertical line is drawn through the center of gravity: is now becoming clear, namely, that the upper body template while jogging braking effect because the entire body in the imbalance is. Is significantly more mass before the vertical and this mass moves down the body and prevent a free step. It is but worse that at the moment of the foot attachment the entire body weight must be collected from a very small area, namely the heel, and the damping effect of a bent knee is turned off through the knee joint while stretched. Knee, hip and Back problems are the almost inevitable result of this natural running technique while jogging.

If you look in the faces of many runners in major marathons, you can see their burden as they torment due to incorrect heel weighted and thus orthopedic incorrect running technique. The running technique while jogging but already seriously changed, if one is trying to run with body erection. The shoulder is taken this backwards, so that the shoulder blades are pulled together inside. The rubber band between the shoulder blades must be tightened. This shoulder position causes an erection in the entire upper body of the chest is lifted and flat inside stretches the abdominal wall and the abdominal muscles. This is a perfect running technique when jogging and running. This I find it also much easier to swing your arms backwards and adjust the elbow angle to not more than 90.

Matrix Technology AG: Backup And Restore Solutions Successfully Make

‘The backup dilemma’: free white paper download a million hours of IT downtime and as a consequence – 17 billion revenue loss per year, in Europe alone! These figures show: backup and restore are still extremely current topics and require highest attention as well as careful planning and design. The matrix backup experts explain technology AG successful design of backup and restore solutions, what challenges face companies in the area of backup and restore today and how these problems sensibly and intelligently can be solved in their newly released white paper the backup dilemma. The dilemma: While the currently available storage solutions in terms of storage capacity and functionality adapted to the rapidly growing data volumes, the backup infrastructure with this development could not keep pace. Thus, the ratio of the volume of data transfer speed is today much worse than it was ten years ago. In the consequence This means: significantly increase restore times and circumstances so high IT downtime costs. Experts recommend smart solutions using intelligent storage solutions that significantly facilitate the Administration and delivery of large amounts of data makes the most sense here.

In addition, the experts recommend the matrix to use techniques to reduce system failures and complete data loss, such as the creation of RAID boards associations or mirroring of data to a third location. Situations that require a complete restore, can be avoided from the outset. What remains is the problem of long waiting times due to the read speed of the backup medium. Really effective to reduce the restore time, wider-ranging, intelligent concepts are needed, which take into account the given business requirements, work processes and organizational structures and include a powerful infrastructure, which can rely on a fully redundant, asynchronous data pool in case of emergency. Support from external specialists to design of a customized backup environment is advisable to external consultants to create a detailed needs analysis, as well as identify vulnerabilities and cost drivers. How such an analysis in particular has to look, and what approach to the design of backup and restore environments in which size is most target leading, explains technology AG also in the current white paper of the matrix. The full white paper is available at… to download available. Press contact: matrix technology AG Sabrina Hahn Nymphenburger Strasse 1, 80335 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 58 93 95 600 fax: + 49 (0) 89 58 93 95 711 E-Mail: about the matrix technology AG: since 2000, the matrix acts technology AG as owner-managed IT services and consulting firm based in Munich. In recent years, matrix has established itself as a strong partner for its customers from the upper middle class to the DAX-listed companies. This matrix by the IT system House has evolved with chem comprehensive Know-How in the design and implementation of open system environments to the professional IT service provider with services in the areas IT operations: operating responsibility for server environments, middleware, operating systems and applications solution and service providers: online backup, monitoring, security and IT service management consulting: ITIL process consulting, IT project management systems: technical consulting, partnerships with Oracle, Fujitsu technology solutions, NetApp, Symantec, Thales nCipher

Blackberry RIM

One of the best mobile operating systems that never existed is dying, is giving its latest gigantic before his inevitable demise; one of the companies most envidiadas and most imitated throughout the industry is holding its allies to not succumb and die, but that step?, because one of the strongest brands: Nokia, and one of the most revolutionary operating systems: Symbian, could not maintain its leadership position and now kneel before Apple and Google? As developer and producer of mobile solutions for years I present my views in this respect: 1. first Europe and Asia and then USA. Please, we cannot simply ignore the large and hungry of the world consumer market. Traditionally the new models of Nokia phones, threw first for the European market, it is enough to mention that these phones 3 G bands worked only with operators in Europe. When they threw the equivalents for the American market, they already arrived at the wrong time or they were overwhelmed in technology by other brands. This He showed also a clear incompetence to establish relationships with local operators. 2.

Attention to the corporate segment at the wrong time. Nokia left Blackberry acaparara the corporate segment and did very little to give competition, failed to take advantage of its technology, nor the advantage of being a giant competitor to establish alliances and solutions of mobile office similar to those who have Blackberry RIM; When he wanted it to do, it was too late. 3 Nokia did not want to take risks, at the appropriate time. The first iPhone was a serious gamble for Apple, ran much risk at its launch, the little battery durability, did not support multitasking, single 2 G without front camera, etc. Etc., but… bet to a fast interface, full touchscreen system, and a powerful 3D platform. If at that time Nokia had released a similar cell phone, risking more, with more multimedia features, perhaps another would have been history. 4.

The sale of unlocked computers did not obtain the expected success.-the strategy of selling smartphones to the just as computers through retail chains, with the advantage of not being locked to any operator, not convinced the public; Yet consumers prefer to be bound to the contract with the operator, but this being funded much of the cost of the equipment. Nokia launched the first cell phone with OS on 32-bit, multitasking, in December 1999, a decade before the iPhone 4,… but as the Uruguay national football team well knows it very: today, matches are not won with memories of past victories.