Italian Lighting Art Nouveau

This is a whole world of light, represented by hanging, wall, table and floor lamps in the style of “modern” and “high-tech.” Company I-TRE was founded in 1975. Its founders Roberto Foa Ragatstsi and Angelo have always sought to ensure that manufactured products meet their business requirements today’s market, so much attention paid to the quality and appearance. Active collaboration with famous designers allows I-TRE present models that have every reason to be called true works of art and not once were awarded prizes for the best design. Now I-TRE, along with four other well-known market brands of lighting equipment is part of the group Firme di Vetro SPA. Made from modern materials on the development of Italian designers, lamps, I-TRE not only give light: they are an ornament, creating a new concept of space. I-TRE called light modernity, and indeed it is.

In products, produced under became one of the most prestigious in the world, these strict straight lines are combined with soft curves, a traditional Venetian glass combined with modern plexiglass. Perfect form, perfect performance, a variety of models – all you need to create a stylish unique interior. Products I-TRE is diverse, with each product – whether it is a chandelier, floor lamp or a sconce – well thought out and beautifully implemented the idea of a new concept of light. Pendant 0-SOUND 5, made of lacquered metal and engraved plexiglass, can also be used as a wall. Transparent rectangular plate is decorated five rings, which are sources of light. Diffuser Lamps ALA VETRO TRASPARENTE can be made in three variants: glass, chrome-plated metal or metal coated with white paint. Severe forms, which is located at an angle reflective surface – all together like the half-open box that emits light.


Modern concrete fence Most people concrete wall is strongly associated with something bulky and drab, in principle, it is not surprising. Indeed, in the recent past, concrete fence was a big clumsy concrete bar dirty-gray color, carelessly installed on concrete pads. Used this type of fence to protect mainly manufacturing and industrial areas and zones. Few would wish to protect their home so concrete "shield." Today, permanent modular fences are more competition fences made of concrete. But the relation to the concrete fence has changed radically, and it is not just an element of protection against attacks on private possession, and decoration of this same property. My home – my castle! Under this slogan begins construction and equipping of housing. It has become fashionable construction of private houses in the style of an impregnable fortress. One-story, Double-deck – some of them are even adorned with turrets and balconies, everything depends on the tastes of the house.

However, the full sense of reliability, strong walls a little. As in the old days, and in our century's best defense possession is a tall fence that surrounds your earth. If it had been plain concrete fences, more like a brick wall, which is no decorating your house, but now, with the advent of new technologies manufacture of concrete fences, your fence will be not only protected, but also a fine ornament, adorable. Decorative concrete fence – fencing is a new generation, which not only protects your fortress, but also makes it even more attractive and majestic appearance. In addition, your site will be safely hidden from prying eyes, so no one will interfere with your work or leisure. Modern technology allows perform sampling of all shapes and heights.

For private multi-storey buildings can be order intake up to 2 m and discussed his design to ideally combined with a guard house. If you need a fence for a small country house, the better to order a fence height of about 1-1.5 m to the fence was visible house. Low Price on fences Rabitz makes a choice of material barriers. But as a rule, the cost of the fence depends only on the complexity of identity and you have selected items for its manufacture. However, not only private homes and summer cottages surrounded by fences made. Fences are in great demand for the protection of restaurants, businesses, warehouses, nurseries, schools. If the stock is suitable fence height of 2 m without any frills design, for the same restaurant or hotel you can make an exquisite sculptured fence the desired height and decorated with ornaments, stands and other decorative elements. For schools and kindergartens will approach a simple fence between 1 and 1.5 m in height. The main thing is that the fence was correctly matched in appearance and enclosing the object in view of its height. Despite the fact that the installation of decorative concrete the fence is pretty simple, it is easier to install than wooden or brick fence, it is still worth to hire specialists, as well as the general appearance of the fence and his life a major role played by the quality of installation. The main condition Reliability mounted design provides reliable tape foundation. A great advantage of concrete fences is that they can install on any sandy soil or on the soil of clay, but before any work is important to examine territory, to the right calculations, so that eventually the fence was installed well and long.

Scotsman Adam Smith

However, the inherited traditional experiences of previous generations (without which had not come to where we are) does not contain, sometimes, the indispensable contribution of the experience of spirituality for the institutionalization of Ecumenical citizenship rights and duties, to be developed in the third millennium, essential to establish a really new and promising paradigm in social, economic and political fieldsphilosophical, religious, ecological, educational, artistic, sports and so on. The human being is not just statistical. In the clash of cultures that some expected, with intensity increasing, for the 21st century, the question is never despise the many opportunities of development for the common good that modern technology offers us. It is convenient, however, act in a way that, pari passu, the advances of knowledge contemplate mechanisms that expand solidarity, in the effective fight against moral and spiritual poverty that affects the prosperity of any society. Thats thinking ecumenically at the effective solution of the distribution of income and democratic access to education, for example, whose absence, at present, apprehends destitute, by the ORB, entire populations. A real lack of respect for human dignity. It should give redoubled attention to what you recorded, so many years ago, the Scotsman Adam Smith (1732-1790).

Said the father of political economy: poverty anyone defiles, but is incomodisima. Happens, however, that there is an aggravating factor in all that, my dear Adam, that is demonstrated in this warning of Gandhi, the liberator of the India: the greatest crime is hunger. The Mahatma rightly given that hunger and the consequential diseases that fold down to millions around the globe every year are a silent genocide. There is no good regime while the man is bad. We can observe, in the between the lines of this tragedy that we see the world, a message written with very strong ink: as well as hunger * 4, fear is bad counselor.

Property Saratov – The Source Of Urban Troubles

Every year before the Saratov becoming increasingly faces urban problems, and more and more relevant are the questions: 'Who is to blame? What should I do? " It is tempting to write off all of our problems on the particular management local government. What we are worse Engels, Penza and other neighboring cities? In Cheboksary in this snowy winter problems with moving through the streets of the city were complicated by extremely elaborate work of snow-removing technology. But perhaps the main causes of urban troubles Saratov lies in the peculiarities of urban development – the specifics of city development. I think it will be interesting to offer the curious note, published in 1997 under the name 'Brilliance and poverty "Capital of the Volga." Ha East urban development depends not only on the legislative framework, but also teaching about the organization of living space 'Feng Shui'. In the West, urban development strictly regulated. Saratov – intellectual capital: designing institutes, its own master plan – there is something to be proud! However, the outlook is not visible. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Naveen Selvadurai has to say.

The red lines 'sat' stalls, the potential transport interchanges given to those who asked first. I think that the general laws of urban planning in Saratov violated in 18 century and has since been compounded daily. City of Mount Sokolova down into the low – in the area of flooding. In many places, cemeteries dominate the apartment blocks, it is not permissible in principle. Houses built single point in the late 20 th century, have passed all examinations, except for one – who proschityval load on the highways? It is easy to draw an analogy – being connected to the communications, the developer receives technical conditions, and increase the load on the highways do not care about anyone except motorists. This is not a special case, and particularly urban merchants of the city, designed by horse-drawn carts. Over all, sooner or later have to pay: traffic jams, lack of drainage systems and storm sewer, man-made disasters, inability to snow removal from streets and environmental disaster after its storage, landslides and flooding due to filling of ravines. What problems do we leave to our descendants? Maybe make the first steps to overcome the urban crisis, for example, publish a plan to improve transport interchanges in the city of Saratov, with dates for their implementation? I would like to know what activities and in what time frame will help relieve the city center and transport links with the sleeping areas? Is there a program to protect the city from flooding? Not cheaper to build a new city?


We have long been accustomed to the green manicured lawns, which became an integral part of the urban landscape. A well-maintained grass cover produces a nice impression, moistens the air, creating a special microclimate. But the service and establishment of lawns are high-tech industry, and without special knowledge and experience to succeed is not easy. Often due to improper maintenance or improper selection of herbal mixture lawns are unkempt appearance. Here are the key ingredients for success of agricultural firms “Russian Grass: 1. Careful podobor grass seed for the conditions.

Conditions for each pitch, even in the same town vary. Naveen Selvadurai pursues this goal as well. Somewhere less moisture and the sun more, and somewhere on the contrary prevails shadow, and also more trampling. In order for your lawn has turned resistant to a unique combination of grass seed. Russian varieties of lawn grasses and grass mixtures are ready to offer our specialists are adapted to Russian conditions and designed with years of experience. We ourselves produce the seeds of lawn grass and monitor their quality.

2. High-quality soil mix, proper selection fertilizer and timely processing of weed killer. Agricultural company “Russian Grass sells a variety of soil mixes, peat, and sapropel, mineral fertilizers and herbicides, as well as perform complex fertilizer, soil delivery and removing weeds. 3. Proper and timely agricultural technology, mowing, watering, quality and professional conduct of all work on lawn care. If you have to equip a large area territory wise to entrust the works on landscaping and gardening professionals: from selection of seed to care for the ready grass. A significant advantage of our agricultural firms is to use tested seeds from Russian manufacturers.