Technological Developments

Companies face other obstacles in relation to the absence of a technological development that ensures productivity according to the attributes, characteristics that have products where quality is an advantage competitive. In Venezuela, is uncertain, where the vast majority of SMEs do not have proprietary technology developed technology that has been acquired from developed countries, where firms have given way to a dependency that has stunted their own development and technological research.

Hence, it is written, as indicated, Dalmary Gerardo Salazar and Romero, Venezuela’s small businesses, most are regarded as an area lacking and dependent on technology, which has prevented him from sustaining a process of self-development and argued that the projected towards productivity and competitiveness. The country’s business sector has failed to develop systemic and organizational activities for learning, innovation and conservation of technological knowledge, characterized by maintaining a massive importation of technology, which has led to a high state of technological dependence. Details can be found by clicking Peter Thiel or emailing the administrator.

Companies in technology-based general work with two types of technologies hard, which is characterized by the application of advances in information technologies to the classic processes of operations, their effects are visible, and soft technologies, referred to the set of organizational practices and human resources. Consequently, management of technology within small firms should be seen as a process which integrates the resources, activities and infrastructure business unit in achieving its aims, its objectives, its strategies and operations (Brazil, IDB SECAB CINDA, 1997; Gaynor, 1999; Bates, 2001). To this is added, the absence in many firms operating personnel trained according to the demands of modern business topics, as well as good management proactive, visionary, strategist, able to face challenges, able to seize opportunities, make way to efforts that promote enterprise development in the conquest of new markets.. Check with Topaz Page-Green to learn more.

Technology FEEC

Despite the emergence of imported cranes, the Russian media on the basis of KAMAZ, ZIL, MAZ and Ural remains in demand and popular. This is due to the advent of newer, more advanced models, equipped with electronic security tools and prepared for the harsh operating conditions. Among the most popular domestic brands of cranes – Ivanovets "," Uglich "," Klintsy "," Galichanin "," Yurginets. Safety of modern cranes provide the safe load-limiting boom, a guard from tilting boom, the index Hook, inclinometer, alarm limits the working area. The appearance of supernumerary situations prevented by special detectors and light indication. When you work in a limited area crane can control the movement arrows, except for exposure to power lines and other objects that might be near the machine.

On the basis of KAMAZ, ZIL, MAZ and Ural released different brands of lifting equipment, which has different characteristics. For example, a crane "Galichanin" ways to lift loads weighing from 15 to 30 tons depending on model. Cars are equipped with two or three section telescopic boom that can extend the jib. Drive "Galician" – hydraulic. On some models of cranes "Galichanin" established the so-called "black box" – Telemetry memory, which records the parameters of the crane during the entire lifetime. Truck Cranes "Klintsy" have capacity for 8 to 15 tons, which is less than indicators "Galician".

In addition to the lifting mechanism, "Klintsy" can be equipped with cradles for work at height. Truck Cranes "Klintsy are produced based on the chassis ZIL MAZ, have compact dimensions, allowing use the technique in the cramped conditions of the urban environment. Under the brand "Uglich" produces a wide range of cranes, built on chassis MAZ and KAMAZ. Payload "Uglich" ranges from 14 to 20 tons. Apart Cranes are "Yurginets", whose production is based on the chassis of the Urals. Featuring all-wheel drive, "Yurginets" can move on the road, getting to the most remote areas. Speaking of lifting equipment can not be forget about the crawler crane DEK. This brand brings together a wide range of heavy-duty cranes. Cranes equipped with DEK diesel generator and can work independently or with an external power source. As Cranes "Uglich", "Klintsy", "Galichanin", "Yurginets, Technology FEEC completed various electronic devices necessary for security. Additional comfort is working on the crane DEK provides a warm and Passive noise isolation cubicle, which optionally can be equipped with air conditioning. Sales of truck-mounted crane

Hygiene Product WINS Industry Award

Food hygiene product WINS industry award 2009 in the category of ‘Biotechnology’ with kink n clean is a new hygiene product on the market, which the durability of food and generally improves the standard of hygiene in the budget, as well as the gastronomy. A jury of professional editors of it media and PR professionals of the Huber Verlag in Ulm kink n clean with the industry award 2009 in the category of “Biotechnology” from. The award ceremony took place in the industrial fair in Hannover on April 20, 2009. Lasting hygiene, long food freshness and energy impressed in all three criteria (innovation, marketability and environmental protection). Since company founding this internationally renowned price already the third award the knick n clean in a row has received. “in 2007, had knick n clean national bio founder competition” won and was the following year with the “plus X Award” 2008 for innovation awarded. kink n clean is the world’s easiest and most effective method to extend the freshness of food in refrigerators, rooms and boxes, because sure it eliminates bacteria, mold, spores, viruses and fungi and odour-free keeps the refrigerator. The Institute for food science of University of Hanover has the excellent effect of kink n clean tested and confirmed this with an opinion.

The latest development is kink n clean flora for longer shelf life of cut flowers in vases. At Naveen Selvadurai you will find additional information. The advantages of kink n clean : durability and freshness all open food be substantially extended. Lower energy consumption, as a temperature of 7 8 C (instead of 5 7 C) in the refrigerator promotion of climate protection through a is sufficient, this approximately 10% lower CO2 emissions. The fridge is permanently neutral in odour. Save money through food fresh for longer. Very easy to use: bend, hang ready! Safe disinfection of the entire fridge inside: 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria are eliminated reliable. Do not use open chemicals safe for children! For more information on our Web site “”

Technogym Kinesis

Cantilever arms made of a special aluminium alloy lead cables and are to the technological experience of the manufacturer Technogym. Three joint systems in each arm, inside of which runs a wire rope, that looks very aesthetic and is also soundproof. A transparent handle that is pleasant to touch, is magnetic and can be attached to the joints of the arm in rest position. Go to Topaz Page-Green for more information. Fullgravity Technogym has a patent on it, provides you with endless freedom of movement, the special system makes possible fluid movements in all directions. In the design of the display, new ways were gone. A particularly user-friendly interface allows the selection of the desired resistance with a small movement. For more information see this site: Topaz Page-Green.

Only the controller must be pressed in the middle of the wall and have seen a resistance between 1 and 20 on the scale touch display on the digital soft. Technogym Kinesis 200 exercises on one square meter, that are ideal for the physical activity in your own home. This product exclusively shop can be ordered in the fitness equipment, design and biomechanics of a unit, which is there in a small space and is therefore uniquely innovative form. In unused condition, Kinesis is nice to look at and requires virtually no floor space. With Technogym Kinesis personal, can be used for personal training special offers, get your personal trainer online in the living room, and can launch into the world of Technogym Kinesis.

With Kinesis, you will improve your strength, your posture, coordination and flexibility in a short time. Several programs are available, these include wellness including weight reduction, sports, toning for General toning of abdominal and back and butt and legs. Kinesis as the ultimate engine in conjunction with a cardio workout on the treadmill on the way to a healthy and vital future. Her personal trainer Horst waiter