Record Of Shopping Online For Christmas From The

The technology that brings agility, speed and safety already has total confidence with an approximate amount of 460 M, Europe reached last Monday 26 November record of payments with Visa Internet card. From Visa Europe already waited this day became the day with greater volume of shopping online for the entire year, coinciding with the monthly payment of wages. It has been estimated that 70% of this amount on purchases made through debit cards. Consumers spent an average of 319,000 euros per minute, more than 5,000 per second throughout the day. It was hoped that Visa Europe processing platform arrived to register more than 6.6 million transactions in Europe during the day, an average of 4,500 transactions per minute, since consumers increasingly to the internet for their holiday shopping. From Creditomovil, who has also opted for new technologies, providing agility and security to their micro-loans, they provide solutions to these Christmas spending that much joy and illusion confer on these dates. With Creditomovil, you can choose to loans of small amounts without having to deal with any paperwork. For quantities between 50 euros for an unexpected commitment, up to 300 euros for some designated purchases such as those of this Christmas, and can access this micro-prestamo without collateral only within 10 minutes.

You have 21 years and not be in any Spanish default file, are the only essential requirements to have immediate liquidity and meet that small need that arises we and do not want to resign or that we do not wish to wait beyond 15 days. Mile Jokisaari, country manager of Creditomovil to Ferratum Group of Spain says that on the same day you can solve its liquidity for a Christmas gift, an appointment, an unexpected expense, or a real need to deal with a small sum of money available quickly, agile and without paperwork. The loan of Creditomovil has a time maximum of 15 day return and is not awarded more than 1 micro-prestamo holder in that same time frame to not bring about their customers is warranted. Agility, simplicity and availability to request this micro-prestamo through their website: provide all the right ingredients to bring this innovative product to a large number of clients that are currently with liquidity of immediate needs, and can solve their Christmas commitments with total safety and warranty. Therefore, the Ferratum group, branded Creditomovil in Spain, promotes the values that guarantee treatment to an ethical, transparent and professional clients that allow them to feel satisfied and backed by a large prestigious company that cares about each of their customers. The best help to enjoy this Christmas! More information at: customer service phone: 902052383 E-mail: Web: on Creditomovil Creditomovil of group Ferratum is one financial of Finnish origin devoted to the granting of microloans. Present in 15 countries in Europe, group Ferratum is leader in the industry offering the market a operational rapid, effective and transparent as solution to immediate liquidity problems. on loans of small amounts ranging from 50 euros to 300 euros and returned in a period of 15 days, Creditomovil offers an immediate solution since the income into the account of customers can be effective in less than ten minutes. The process to formalize these loans is exempt from any kind of paperwork that the requests are made through the website or by SMS, sending a text message to the 27227.

Rescue Dogs

Investigations prove that while a team of ten technicians, equipped with advanced technological instrumentation, covers an area of one hectare in 70 minutes, equal area, a precise dog only 10 minutes and its effectiveness tends to be greater. Trying to search under rubble (landslides) experience throws the following comparative average: 5 minutes a rescue dog gets cover 100 square meters; the man, using instrumentation, and with luck, need 45 minutes nor to say, the time factor, verbatim, will be vital to produce this kind of disaster. In addition, any appliance, until today, detects dead people; which is also of immense help. Japan which is indisputably a leader in technology and that has developed much to deal with the recurring earthquakes, has failed to dispense with the dogs, those who show an intuition, affection, and naturally nonexistent persistence on the machines. Rely on the sense of smell can work day and night and in any weather situation.

Thanks to its huge and developed sense of smell, dogs are capable of detecting microscopic particles that each person follows, and consequently allows them to locate the missing person. They are expressed through barking in catastrophic or ruined, areas and either barking or biting in water, marine rescue. Training for search and rescue, but imagine all the work that is required to have a suitable for rescue dog? As well, to ensure the efficiency of the animal in the task and safety of survivors, the dog requires be trained as young as possible, besides showing excellent health and an attitude of service, this is, that is easily trained and learn fast, must also be sociable and get along well with their. companions. both bipeds and quadrupeds. Something basic is the dog to feel passion for the game with the. bringsel.

or ball. Through training (playing), the dog will learn to find the victim by means of the. bringsel… More forward you will also learn to develop and use their sense of smell. When prepared as a (rescue) SAR dog, will react to the air currents that carry scents and smells of human bodies. Man, the best friend of the dog but you believed that only dogs are trained? No, because that works in team, the dog owner or person. charge. He also receive a hard workout. Depending on the school or the type of bailouts for which is to be to the team, the human must be able to act according to the orders given by the leader of the operation. You must know and have, in addition: search methods in rescues, current procedures for training, maps and compass, able to handle communication equipment and able to offer first aid team leader or support in addition must know manage in water currents, diving, climbing, handle boats, work with rescue teams in general or form part of the fire brigade. The team can help with other operations While the search, as the dog owners to attend and making that you rescues them they are a success.

Coderetreata World Event Comes

On 14 December this year is”global day of Coderetreat. Everywhere around the world thousands of software developers participate on this day called Coderetreats. In Osnabruck the LMIS AG in cooperation with the University of Osnabruck organised such an interactive event for all IT enthusiasts, who enjoy developing software. Global day of Coderetreat “is organized by the Coderetreat Community contribution Fund (c3f). The nonprofit organization called a day in the life, to honor the passion of programming and the software craft. Last year more than 2,000 software developers from over 20 different time zones took part distributed to more than 150 cities in the event. This year there are expected to be even more than 200 cities and more than 3,000 developers.

The LMIS AG, an IT service provider for individual software, brings the event in cooperation with the University of Osnabruck in this year for the first time to Osnabruck. Coderetreat the journey is the goal a Coderetreat is one Interactive event, where various methods for the development of software are tried in teams. He runs according to a fixed pattern: every Coderetreat is subdivided into individual sessions (also: iterations) of 45 minutes duration, where the teams are trying to solve a specific task. A critical reflection of the different practices will take place at the end of each session. Followed then by the next session starts in which all over again, because the most important rule when the Coderetreat is that the code created in the previous round may not be reused. tech resources. As a result, the participants remain always flexible in their thinking and approach.

As a Coderetreat it is not, to solve the problem, but to find as many different approaches and to try out new methods. Science meets industry: cooperation between University of Osnabruck and LMIS AG in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Frank Thies ing, Prof. Dr. Stephan Kleuker, Prof. Dr. ing. Rainer Roosmann, Prof. Dr. ing. Heiko Tapken and Prof. Dr. Oliver Henkel from Laboratory Informatics “General” of the University of Osnabruck would the LMIS AG with about 40 software developers from the region most global day of code ret reat participate to both students and professional developers are invited. Practical experience in software development are beneficial, but not a must. With the participation of the “global day of Coderetreat we create the possibility that aspiring and experienced developers can learn from each other and discuss different approaches and methods of software development. Through the cooperation between science and business are often the most fruitful synergies, says Sascha Domer, principal consultant at the LMIS AG. Daniels has successfully completed several times, inter alia in collaboration with University and University of Osnabruck very Coderetreats and is also the event most global day of Coderetreat Guide. The Coderetreat on the occasion of the anniversary of the world is from 09: 00 to approx. 17:00 in the College Osnabruck take place (venue: building SI, access via Barbara Street 16, in addition to the new Mensa). The participation is free of charge. For a midday snack is provided. The participants are asked to bring a notebook includes a development environment for the selected programming language. Applications are now possible at: contact: LMIS AG Park Road 40 49080 Osnabruck Tel.: + 49 (0) 541-580 56 830 fax: + 49 (0) 541-580 56 839 Web: mail: press contact: Katharina Wuttke Tel.: + 49 (0) 541-580 56 83 20


Comes to my memory of my early days in the technology of information, more than 35 years ago, a piece of algorithm in a computer program that could not understand. I was given the responsibility of decoding the work of an expert analyst who in a piece of program, in the language of the old machines, had achieved a masterful solution to a very complex problem and at those times the technicians did not give many explanations about what scheduled and hence my intervention. The answer came to me to be alone, without thinking about it, but after having spent several weeks working and have not found a solution. Tranca stone that was to be able to continue my work. And it turned out to be as simple as exceptional. That anecdote has not forgotten me because it follows through me when not appears the immediate solution to a complicated problem, mind still circling and solution appears alone, as well as if nothing.

Something like this happened to me with this issue of new machines of the CNE when I wondered: do and that can do these people with this new technology to ensure permanence to Hugo Chavez in power? Where is the trap? So distrustful of us have put! It is true, truth which days I’ve been thinking about those machines and not only because I believe that there is something underneath which has me worried – to the point that I wrote about them a few days ago – but because they can not only be suspicions unfounded in part of a technician than like me has spent years on this from the computer puzzles. Several things caught my attention about the new procedure that is posing the CNE with their new machines. The first one has to do with the identification of the elector on the table through the captahuellas biometric mechanism.

Ceramic Tiles and Porcelain Stoneware

Ceramic tile and granite – one of the oldest building and finishing materials known to mankind. But, of course, with the old times when you simply kneaded clay, molded by hand tiles, hand-same decorated as it will, and burned her at the stake, the production technology of ceramics has undergone very significant changes. To date, the production of ceramic tile (ceramic and granite) – enough high-tech process. To begin with carefully selected recipe so-called "mass" – the same one from which otpressovyvavetsya tiled "crock." Universal recipe does not exist – the fact that used for this mineral (clay, feldspar, chalk, alumina, potash, etc.) in different places have a fairly substantial differences in their natural composition, and thus differ markedly in their physical and chemical properties. The recipe is selected to all components and their combinations (compounds) had similar thermal expansion coefficient, which is very important in the firing process. After all, mainly on the phase of firing shaped geometry of the tiles. In parallel, selected glaze recipe – if it is a glazed tile (and the vast majority of those now, with the exception of granite, which, incidentally, is also available in glazed versions, and the so-called unglazed tiles metlahskaya used where, for example, requires a chemical stability, which has no frosting glazed tiles). Thermal expansion coefficient of the glaze, representing a matter of fact glass, too, must coincide with the index at the "crock", which is important for both baking and for the subsequent operation ceramic products.

Otherwise, when temperature drops more thick and massive "crock" just break off a layer of frosting – it cracked. After harvesting the masses (this is a difficult and responsible process, including thorough mixing and grinding to obtain a homogeneous mass, milling and drying), she served on pressing. After pressing "crock" is sent to the firing. However, this is the case in the application of technology so-called double firing. With a single firing (often used in the manufacture of floor tiles) in the furnace goes tiles, is already covered with glaze. When you double-firing, annealed at temperatures of 1200-1400 gr.S, "crock" is sent to the line glazing. There it is glazed (white or color), after which it is applied drawing.

Methods of drawing and related equipment are different – this airbrush and silk screen printing, and more modern Technology, for simplicity, let's say, somewhat reminiscent of modern color printer … In almost every modern tiles are used scarcely more than 3 – to 4-color. That's enough. Read more …

Toyota Prius Recorded 1 Million Sales In The U.S.

Last week, Toyota announced that he did sell a million Toyota Prius in the United States. They were 11 years to reach this important point of reference. Probably a million in sales could sound like an arbitrary figure (very appropriate for marketing purposes only in agencies of trucks Peru and other places), but it is something significant if we take into account the objective of President Obama (dating from 2008) to get 1 million hybrids vehicles consumers by the year 2015. The Toyota Prius offers benefits such as saving fuel (leader in the industry), all the necessary space and functionality of a medium-sized family vehicle, performance suited to the current needs of driving, and a quite affordable price. A historical examination of the sales of the Prius reveals a 11 years slow and bumpy road to get to the point where is currently. Reach 1 million sales requires years of production, three generations of product development, and do faced with the UPS and downs in the strong automotive market, including the main economic, incentives, temporary Government problems, volatile prices of fuel, and other factors. Globally, Toyota Prius already has surpassed the 2 million sales in October 2010, while the combined sales of all hybrids from Toyota surpassed 3 million units last month. Toyota estimates that, compared with an average (such as used cars Peru and other places) petrol car, the Prius has helped save nearly 900 million gallons of gasoline, 2.19 billion dollars in costs of fuel, and 12.4 million tons of CO2 emissions. Toyota expects that these figures be expedited with several line of Prius vehicles, including a Prius Wagon-V for this summer, as well as the compact Prius C for next year.