Digital Natives

The society contemporary is living the age of the technology and medias that if evolve the all instant. The information arrive in will mutiro and transmitted in real time. The world is not the same, the society is not more the same one. The technological culture caused, therefore, changes also in the characteristics and positions of the individuals. Specialists confirm the sprouting of more global, visual people and that they aim at the praticidade: digital natives, children who had been born already with the existence of the computer that they are unaware of a world where she does not have Internet, cellular, control remote, Orkut, etc.

Adolescent and young that likes to make some things at the same time. from this context, appears a challenge for the school, as to guide its pupils to manage as many information. Old, the knowledge was withheld for a minority, and the professors were detainers of knowing. Today with the resource of the Internet he is possible to find answers for any questioning easily. Given the displayed one, the school also becomes preponderant that if it evolves that it searchs new methodologies that conquer its educandos and construct in them the ability to criticize, to observe and to contextualizar the concepts. Since this is the function of the school to lead the pupil to recognize that nor all the information are true. More than what never the necessary school to be mediating of the process teach-learning so that the pupil does not lose the focus and its objectives.

The Work

According to Goulart (2001, P. 19) ' ' if the child will be in the intuitivo level, however, will be preferable that she uses structuralized games and activities, capable to take the formation of simple concepts and to the acquisition of some aptides' '. From there the necessity of the creativity in the education. The capacity to create is the proper activity of the brain to produce new knowledge, to connect information stored with new comments and fondness ' ' brincar' ' with them. To create is the natural state of the man, it widens, continuously its knowledge, preventing itself for future, thus making one ' ' daily pay-correo' '. It does not have people that they are born more creative than others, but exist people that if accomodate in the known world already and ' ' seguro' '. To create demands transformation, is necessary to abandon the old one and to go in search of new and this, ace times, is painful. The creation process is always an effort, but it must be motivated by the pleasure to create.

Many times the necessity is that it generates the motivation and some creative solutions come of problems that the men face. The great inventions and technological innovations had appeared from problems of the humanity. All we have a little of creativity, but she is necessary to observe existing ideas and concepts already and to form new ideas, that in them also bring benefits and to the society. We are living at a time where if it makes necessary to go in search of new concepts and methods for education, the work in the institutions, etc. the Psicopedaggica tool Thus, the psicopedagogia appears to assist, therefore in the truth education must be a facilitador to the process of development and learning and not accelerator. The work of psicopedagogo is including and happily we can observe some conquests, and in accordance with the author: ' ' Psicopedagogo needs to assume itself of the flexibility abilities, empatia waist game, to consquistar its space of performance, revealing a mediator and ally to the necessities of the citizen, the school and famlia.' ' (OAK; CUZIN, 2008, p.21).