The customers are the basis for any organization, and the main reason why companies should be concerned by being in constant communication with them, get to know their tastes and preferences; always ahead of offering a solution according to each problem. Since the beginning of the companies customers have been of great importance but now companies are paying greater attention taking advantage of opportunities presented to them; making use of all those technologies that allow them to give value added to its customers and at the same time seize the opportunities that might arise. To carry a good governance and control of customers, the best is to use a solution that allows to integrate all areas of businesses, areas that have a direct relationship with customers in these areas can be; Marketing (responsible for disseminating the products or services offered by the company), sales (physical image of the company against the client, making use of different strategies to persuade him and convince him to use the) products or services of the company) and service or support (charge of giving after-sales services for any anomaly that may occur during the use of services or products). Solution that lets you manage the relationship with your customers is always spoken of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Mistakenly thinks that a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is only a database; But what are the advantages of using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management)? The answer is; a CRM(Customer Relationship Management) allows to integrate the above mentioned areas (marketing, sales and service), and these areas may: more information about customers better identification of new business opportunities improve service to the client processes optimized and customized according to the needs of each customer achieve the loyalty to customer through Upselling cross between current clients selling or using new business opportunities can be thinking that having this type of technology is very expensive but in the long run it will represent a competitive advantage because the company will have valuable information about your customers, information that a future can be used to open new markets. To give you a correct use for the CRM (Customer Relationship Management), first you must define clearly a strategy on how to assess and empower clients so the CRM adapts to the needs of the company and not the enterprise to CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Now we can stop thinking that a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) only works as a database and only used for Telemarketing.