Back Up Drivers

You can do this by copying all files from the installation CD in any logical partition on the hard disk. If copying was completed without error, most likely faulty drive and the CD is not damaged. If you install Windows from scratch" (on the computer at all, there is no operating system or the old system of "dead" at all) to test the installation disc and drive this method will not work (and there is no check point – you still lose nothing). – Drivers. In addition to the installation disk Windows, for a successful installation (reinstallation) of the system are also needed CD with drivers for hardware installed by car. Typically, these drives come bundled with your computer (if it was sold in assembled form) or with each "piece of iron" (if he bought poagregatno). Their efficiency is also advisable to check the specified above. It is best to download the most "fresh" drivers for the motherboard chipset, video adapter, sound card, TV-tuner, network card and other components of the computer from the sites of their manufacturers.

At worst, If you already have an operating system Windows XP, before you reinstall the necessary drivers it is possible to "pull" from the old OS, using the program Driver Genius. (Download the program's official website, install and run the program, including scanning (press start scan), then press Back Up Drivers. Then click Next, then click Browse …. In the menu that opens, specify the path to save the folder with the drivers, click Next and wait until the save is complete.