Black Holes

No doubt the black hand is stuck in the capital of Flat Tax, but is also the ignorance of our legislators, the stupidity of the Treasury or bad faith of both. Let’s see what’s dark in the content of this new tax: 1. Investments and goods shall be deductible as in the ISR While we believe that investments made in assets and inventories would be 100% deductible in 2008 on the basis of the Flat Tax, this seems not to be so true. Revise Article 6 paragraph VI of the Flat Tax Act mentioned that investments in fixed assets and acquisitions of goods must comply with the requirements of deductions. If not clear SHCP referred to requirements of deductions, we would literally take what we stated in article 31 section II of the Income Tax Law. Here it is mentioned that in the case of fixed assets are deductible using the% maximum income tax law, while purchases of goods are deductible only for the Cost of Sales. Lastima Margarito was too good to be true. 2.

The Single rate business tax, not just for entrepreneurs is virtually for everyone, so it should be called the general tax rate only. 3. Not all companies who pay Social Security taxed pay IETU The Flat Tax-exempt social welfare, but not in all cases. If the company where they work reaches a% of taxes on their operating results than 16.5% will continue to provide the same Social farsighted plan previously granted, it does not generate IETU.