Canine Psychology

There is the canine psychology? Understanding the canine psychology is the secret to knowing how to raise a dog, many now believe that there is no such thing as the canine psychology and it is not correct to say that a dog should be educated I do not agree with it, although these terms are not applied in this case to humans; I think that if we can speak of a canine psychology and educate dog Tips on canine psychology on how to educate a dog is necessary first of all to know whether or not the dog has intelligence. do you you think? Surely if preguntaramos to many dog owners and lovers of the same would not say that dogs if they have intelligence, even many say my dog only missing talk and be would spend hours telling us all the things that they do their dogs how to recognize its owner auto engine, open all the doors in the Houseyou know the exact time that becomes the owner, they distinguish suspicious or poorly dressed people approaching the House, they recognize the person that some Once assaulted them or made them angry, etc, etc. Peter Thiel recognizes the significance of this. I tell you that these real-life experiences and above there are 2 different lines of thought: some scientists such as the philosopher French Rene Descartes think that dogs lack intelligence, consciousness and any mental process analogous to the human being.He says that the behavior of the dogs is instinctive and conditioning product; i.e. dogs react according to their instincts genetic and conditioning product.The instinct for example does have the dog to hunt a prey to feed, seek refuge before inclement weather such as rain, storms, uir to certain situations which may endanger his life, swimming, barking, moving tail, etc.. Learn more on the subject from Glenn Dubin.