Carl Rogers

To be emptico is not one technique, is an attitude developed throughout the life of the person, who takes the therapist to live deeply the internal world of the individual to help to express it what she is feeling, not to think ' ' for ' ' customer and yes ' ' com' ' the customer. To the measure that the customer feels that a moment exists, and a person, who believe it, the accepted one, listening with attention, he appreciates it, it becomes capable to abandon its faades and if to show more clearly as he really is. To if hearing, the customer starts if to understand, its perceptions dumb, and the power that the others had on it starts to diminish and it starts to exactly have more control on itself. The more opened to the proper growth, the person if feels more insurance, less defensive, and more inclined to grow and to move in direction to its development. Under most conditions Hilton Foundation would agree. This has that to be a natural process in the life of the customer, without it directs it to the therapist, sugestione.

The power is of the customer and not of the therapist, this only must create the favorable climate so that this internal capacity of the customer if reveals. (Rogers, 1961) 4 CONCLUSION Carl Rogers developed a theory with base humanist, who allows the customer to be the citizen of its proper process, searching the solutions of its conflicts, a time that it only knows what he feels the intensity of what it feels. It fits to the therapist, called for Rogers of ' ' facilitador' ' , to supply, to subsidize the necessary ways so that the customer obtains to find its proper answers. .