Classic Teambuilding

Would you like to be in place early and perform FOREIGN desire or goal? At the beginning of the article describes exactly this situation. Let us turn to classic teambuilding. It is known that the first sign of the team will be the common goal towards which each team member. Some leaders now begin to object: "My advisors say that they do not care What are my goals, how do I run the program? ". I want to ask the same question leaders: "To what purpose would you have sought with all his might?". The answer is unequivocal: "Of course, to her!". And your advisors to answer the same way.

That is why group members, some unknowingly, but someone absolutely not consciously attending to the goal of the Leader, and some even actively resisted, and creates numerous challenges for leaders. All this because of lack of attention to the Leader personal needs of the Consultant. Conclusion: the need to make the team goal was also a personal goal of every Consultant. Now is the time to answer the question: "What?" How? This question is usually focused on results, hence, it will be a tool with which you can get it. It is called "Setting the command target Participants. Usually such a serious event is taking place with the participation of all active consultants team. Time. – For the first time a team objective can be formulated when the team came first business partner. With the advent of new consultants target may be adjusted, to grow, evolve.