Do Not Lose the North

However, do not lose the north, clearly say who is your company, your logo looks SMEs are aware of what he does and it is known that you provide those solutions that speech, the key is to prioritize the needs of their customers and not your product or service, but is not saying nothing at all about what does or makes. 2 .- Technical Exchanges with other brochures and business cards: This business does not look competitive and offer to exchange brochures and cards with them. This is very simple to implement, for example with a small exhibition in the reception of his office, or better yet, in the place where your customers expect. There is a tendency to read or catch something while waiting, take advantage of interesting and establish partnerships with other businesses. If these businesses are complementary to what you do, the effect of this tactic will obviously be much higher.

Technique 3 .- Be in all events: Do not miss the opportunity to attend trade fairs, events or meetings that have to do with your industry and customer segments. Go full of business cards or brochures, best if one of those brochures, point 1. Do not miss the opportunity at these events to meet people and share cards, business contacts and establish an adequate network of them is essential to get a good flow of customers. Anyway, looks and is always a professional, is not desperate to hand out cards as if his goal was to leave one in each pocket, introduce yourself, show interest in others and be clear in exposing, printing is essential. Most likely to happen if you start talking about the wonders of your product or service, or that your SME is better than the rest of the competitors, the others tend to “switch off” right away because either the world have a wonderful product or everyone you are trying to sell wonderful products, so there is a defensive reflex innate “chip off” as they see that what prevails is to get a sale. You see, once again applying these tactics have a monetary cost zero or nearly zero and are perfect example of guerrilla marketing, so do not hesitate, start now. – Resources for SMEs..