Electronic Invoices

As we know from next year all invoices must be issued electronically, by what many users already moving to this system. If you still have no date for moving to this system, we recommend that you do during the rest of this year so that you save. There are two options to start with e-invoicing: which many think to do is to update until 2011 when becomes mandatory and the other is to change the system under the benefits of 2010, the year in which it is not obligatory. If you purchase the electronic system in 2011 you will have to pay validation requirements, allocation of folios and the system of tax administration (SAT) digital stamp. This option implies that your company has better hardware and internet connection permanently. The digital stamp that will be needed in 2011 will cost $1.50, which means a strong spending for businesses; Instead, if you purchase the electronic system before January 1, you can do it by your own means, without requiring additional package. Those who already began with the electronic system i.e. make it with software that emit unlimited vouchers and pay no digital stamp. Remember that even if you have to pay for a software at the end you’ll be saving money, because approximately spent 162 weights between paper, ink and sent; It will now be reduced to 34 pesos.