Electronic Key Depot

Autonomous electronic key management with integrated intelligence. The Traka-touch proven already in the electronic key cabinets is now also for the new electronic key deposit of Traka available technology. A prominent international car rental uses the new Traka-touch key depots in large quantities for the management of their vehicle keys. The Traka-touch technology offers a specialized asset management, in which the entire necessary intelligence is already integrated, i.e. it operates completely independently, no network connection, no server and no external database is required.

This increases availability while reducing the cost, because no network modules, no database software and server licenses must be installed and that the additional use of IT staff is avoided. The Traka-touch key depots are delivered fully configured and installed. After switching on the system can directly to the individual about the touch screen Key and the desired user with their access permission regarding key and Cabinet access entered. The menu can be switched optionally on German, English, French, Dutch etc.. All technical requests and key movements are fully logged and in the internal solid state memory and written in addition to the internal memory card. The Traka-touch control unit saves 250,000 access events. This capacity is sufficient depending on the frequency of trade requests for a recording time of approximately 10-20 years! The Traka-touch key depots work basically completely independently without any infrastructure. Should arise in the course of time the need for a network-based communication however, the Traka-touch can be integrated systems using the new Traka.WEB management software easily and without any hardware changes in existing LAN and WAN structures.

It will be all database structures such as E.g. SQL, SQL Express, MySQL, Oracle etc. supports. Traka.WEB is compatible browserbasierend and with all current Browservarianten Explorer, Firefox, Google chrome and Safari. All Traka-touch systems are prepared on an optional network communications hardware already, i.e. the Traka-touch system control unit must be connected only using a commercially available network cable (Cat5 for example) or a wireless LAN module with the corresponding network.