Energy Efficient Technologies

Energy-efficient technologies power the business / all for one Midmarket AG scores again with suppliers of solar industry / contract about complete introduction of SAP in 6 countries Filderstadt, 22 October 2009 the markets for eco-friendly and energy-efficient technologies have sprung up. Drive solutions, machines and equipment, which produced not only efficient, but also in the operation, consume less energy and conserve resources, are on the rise. For the mechanical engineering and plant construction as for the automotive industry arise new market opportunities, reports Lars 903A k., CEO of the all for one Midmarket AG of the 4th German machine construction Summit on 13 and 14 October 2009 in Berlin. Where machinery and equipment manufacturers increasingly go into the solar technology or suppliers develop the photovoltaic industry as a new customer group, Komplettdienstleister all benefited also the SME specialist and SAP for one. With the recent order of Schletter GmbH in Kirchdorf/Haag (Oberbayern) on the introduction of the SAP Business all-in one solution scores the all for one Midmarket AG all for metal already to several times once again with companies belonging to the solar industry.

The corporate development of the alloy production specialists is typical for the dynamics of those markets. 2007: ground-breaking ceremony for a new manufacturing site in Kirchdorf in Haag in Oberbayern. 2008: Step across the pond with the founding of Schletter Inc. in Tucson, Arizona. 2008: completion and reference of the new manufacturing facilities. 2009: new orientation of IT, decision for SAP from the all for one Midmarket AG and start the complete introduction. Already for 2010 is the start of real operation in 6 countries of the Schletter group, in addition to Germany, the France, Greece, Spain, Italy and United States are planned and done in a first stage for 240 user. Schletter has a total 850 employees and recently achieved an annual turnover of EUR 140 million.