Growing good morning to all, as say some important personage of the State scene, me profunde honda satisfaction indicate you that during the course of yesterday afternoon and during so far this morning we have managed to establish four new appointments for presentations of budgets. Referring to what I indicated in the post above about the affectation of the holidays in business life, it is a landmark.We have around 25 days doing prospecting for clients, i.e. from approximately late December until today. It is amazing how you change the willingness of companies to listen to talk of new opportunities, new challenges, more market, a part of the Christmas etc to start a new year. People are now more calm and above all, listen.Given that we are very pleased with the progress that we (remember above all that are not closed but quotes at the moment clients) leads me to remind the premises that I mentioned earlier. Before the euphoria (currently we are moving clearly above our estimates) have to keep our feet on the ground.

Our most immediate priority will be to convert our income in repayments of capital and strengthen our reserves to address the months with less activity. We suspect, and I will not be the only one who thinks what, months like July or August can be as lethal as diciembre.Como always want to remember that now is the time of opportunities and I encourage you to undertake. If you want Council or you think that we can talk about a joint business idea (I’m currently interested in digital business and developing one that I will comment more later) we can talk via email.I leave you today with an article from the web muypyme.com on the resumption of growth in the number of self-employed in Spain during the last period of 2010. You have it in my blog a greeting, original author and source of the article