The fish bite best at dawn, especially vulnerable in the morning, before the hot summer day. Karas is a pretty whimsical fish, and despite the widespread dissemination of his behavior still remains a mystery. One of the features of catching is his sensitive to change weather conditions for the worse, he is a natural barometer of the type that are hard to cheat, there is a chance stop biting for a long time before the storm. Second period actively biting crucian carp occurs in a few weeks after spawning, in the midst of haymaking – six weeks after the beginning of spawning, when in the midst of haymaking. Its duration is almost the whole summer to autumn, the autumn bite crucian weakens and gradually fades completely. Catch carp in areas covered with aquatic vegetation, in windows and on the edge itself. Good catch difficult to achieve without the abundant bait, lure desirable place to another evening and add a bit of bait vulnerable in the morning before catching, in this case important not to overdo it, otherwise the fish will cease to be satisfied and take the nozzle.

Goldfish prefer to stay near the bottom, but does not like the depths. His most can be found in the deeper ground at a depth of 1-2 meters. Golden carp often rises to the surface and goes to, the reason for this is probably the presence of food. In most cases, fishing for carp is successful at depth of about one meter, well, if catching passes in the area where there are no thick algae. Large carp are biting, vulnerable in the morning, at a time when the sun has not risen after sunrise is better to pass in the shade and there continue fishing, in a shady place I had to catch carp and up to 12 hours of the day, and quite successfully. When fishing for carp should keep quiet, especially if you catch on the river, where fish is more timid, the ponds, he is more accustomed to the cries leisure and in the water, there were even paradoxical cases where the shore comes a group of tourists, well, think it’s time to wind up a fishing rod, but surprisingly biting still continues. Fishing for carp often passes with the float rod. The length of the rods ranged from 3 to 5 meters, the line 0.2 – 0.25-colored water or the bottom of the fishery, hook enough to take the number 5 with a short forearm.

May also catch a carp and donk with a trough or a rubber shock, but for some reason they are inferior gear float rod for casting needed a place free from aquatic vegetation, tackle a long time to pull out and can not always throw to the right place. The presence of strong wind interferes with fishing, in windy weather carp almost no bite. Large carp like the attachments, which are well known to him, he prefers them even more strongly scented and have an attractive appearance, and therefore should be carefully examined diet of fish on any given body of water. To the surprise of this may be the meat of cancer, and larvae of dragonfly. Since the beginning of the first frost, the carp get in packs and go in deep pits, from which come only in the warm sunny days on the well-warmed plots. At this time fishing for carp will not bring any significant results.