Gateway TechnoLabs

Gateway TechnoLabs commemorating 15 years of success as a leading global IT services company, gateway has specialised in transforming client’s business with its excellent technology and so making the functionality of business very simple and fast. The company started its operations with just four employees and presently there are more than 1400 employees managing its global operations and achieving business goals of clients. Gateway team has been enhancing its technological expertise to always improve the experience of users. Be it mobile application solutions, computing services, multimedia, IT services, banks, hospitals, media, etc. the company has managed to deliver quality solutions as per global standards.

It has been successfully opened its operations in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Japan, Australia, Iceland, United States and South Africa to provide effective business solutions to clients worldwide. What has made gateway successful? Leadership: Gateway believes in creating a difference and leads the way to provide a significant impact on any competition or business. Be it mobile application, Security or information management the company has managed to gain long term success for its shareholders, employees, and clients alike. So technical expertise combined with a flexible approach at a reasonable price has been effective in bringing-in clients. Regular communications with employees and clients have helped US reach their satisfaction level and so, explore their frustration Council information and work on their solutions accordingly.

Strength: Treating each problem as the first step towards solutions and believing that decisions can only be perfect if the right amount of effort are put into any solutions, helps gateway to stand apart from others. So feather of the cap is that all gateway clients treat the company and its equal partner, and over the years long term strategic relationships have been built and maintained with clients. Quality focus: quality is the value addition for everything. It’s never compromised. The company believes in getting everything rights at the first go itself.