German Federal Network Agency

Why wrangle entrepreneurs with the communication over Internet Protocol Bonn Voice over IP is a perennial favorite in the trade media, information technology and telecommunications. The inclined reader learns little of the reality of communication in private households and the business world. Polls, analysts and industry representatives expect in their VoIP predictions often only options and wishes. \”\” \”Study questions are then VoIP is made\” prevail in the next five years \”or hold you VoIP makes sense\”. The famous and most empirically dubious questioning techniques are wool according to the principle you be rich or poor? \”.\” Much we look at the naked figures of the Federal Network Agency, left by the VoIP verbiage in the ICT scene no longer. According to the current activity report of the German Federal Network Agency (PDF) you can make derivations for 2007. Then the share of voice usage is puny 8.6 percent.

For the past year, the Scientific Institute for infrastructure estimates and Communication services (WIK) the value to about 10 per cent. For business customers, which very often operate private branch exchanges, further maintaining the supplier to end goes, I expect faster migration to VoIP as at the retail personally, although the demand for solutions for VoIP-Centrex is the party reportedly disappointing. This resilient figures not available however\”, as WIK-senior consultant Dr. Thomas Pluckebaum to NeueNachricht. The transmission of voice, image and data via the Internet Protocol is no child’s play and with pure fashion phrases, the market moves one inch.