Glass And Ceramic

SMEG develops a series of ceramic glass cooktops, offering consumers a refined aesthetics and advanced technology. The use of quality materials combined with meticulous technical control provides reliability and security. Credit: Adroll Marketing Platform-2011. The control panel is glass-VTC SMEG hob with control panel VTC (Visual Touch Control – a visual touch-sensitive controls). This allows the rocker switch with easy adjust heat input to each zone, cooking, and light-emitting diodes, built directly around each button, a clear indication on the selected zone. The LEDs also indicate the level settings and cooking residual heat.

To use this control panel is very easy, you just touch the switch selected area and choose the cooking rate setting from 1 to 9. To automatically lock is not can change the flow of heat. Rotary knobs progressive design SMEG created his own style, which can not be confused with any other. Smooth stainless steel, framing the glass ceramic top, emphasizes special aesthetics and brilliant design. It located in the middle of the front knobs that are easy to adjust the heat input. Induction hobs induction hob SMEG is made of black Vitrified Suprema with polished edges. Its advantage lies in the extreme heat resistance and that it is very easy to clean. This type of glass-ceramic meets the latest European requirements for environmental protection.

Under the glass surfaces are induction cooking zones. Current passes through a copper coil and a magnetic alternating field, which heat is produced directly in bottom of the pan and the cooking process begins. Comfort and safety induction cooktops are equipped with SMEG different information systems and security strength indicator, an indicator of residual heat (H) and time lock to lock all the controls, recognition of dishes, stop function in the absence of the pan, automatic reduction of power. In addition, induction cooktops have automatic shut-off All cooking zones in case of overheating or other unforeseen reasons.