Heating Elements

This reduces the cost of the veil, but it leads to the fact that the main part of the air flow created by the failure. Therefore, bandstop and repulsive the quality of the air flow become worse, not technology supposed weak airflow heating elements can lead to premature wear. Exaction curtain size of the opening to achieve the desired the effect of the length of the turbine-air heat curtains shall not be less than the width of the opening, and the highest elevation of its installation – more than the height of the opening. The air flow rate and the most Godyaev height for the installation location depend on the performance or "flow" of air-heating air curtain, and almost did not depend on its capacity. The veil of the turbine in the 1-meter and distance from the floor to the installation site in 2,0-2,5 m should have a "pumping" 800-1000 m3 / h. Roughly characteristics has a warm curtain Termoscreens T1000E9 Filter. Then the velocity of the air jets at the nozzle exit will be approximately 6 8 m / s, while the floor – 1,5 2,5 m / sec.

But as a rule to conserve energy use of 300-500 m3 / h, suitable for installation Only over openings up to 1.5 meters (box offices, issuing of goods). Generally, these curtains can be installed in conventional doorways, but better – with the existence of vestibule in which the second door will be an additional obstacle for flowing cold air. Selection of the veil in power for rough calculations we can assume that 1 kW of power (assuming a good thermal insulation of walls and ceiling) is sufficient for heating 10 kV. m unheated rooms (At height ceilings 2,8-3 meters). If the curtain is scheduled to mount a well heated room, the heating of the veil is not obligatory, and the validity of the model with minimal input or no warming capabilities. Given the mounting location curtains and functioning of the door (open to the street, located in the vestibule or from the heated room, as is often disclosed), we can apply the same option.