Infrared Heaters

On New Year friend invited me to his house. He recently insulate the house, and as the main heating bought infrared ceiling heaters. Well, all I thought for sure infrared heaters in the dark will be lit, flat on the floor through them will have to step over. And yet come until the house warms up so much time pass. It is necessary to dress warmly. I was driving without a mood. But I’m actually worried for nothing.

And the idea of heating the house infrared heaters I was so fascinating that I decided to learn more about them and tell your friends that have cottages. So, heaters are mounted on the ceiling, work silently. Thoughts about what they are in the dark light was a mistake. No glow, but this is no smell. Floor and walls are free. Once attached the heater on the ceiling, connected to electricity and more about him do not remember.

And connect the heaters can any electrician. Heaters quickly warm up the room. Compared with the conventional heater power consumption is reduced by 30-70%. Also, my friend hooked up all the heaters in the house through thermostats and can vary the temperature in the house from +5 to +30 0C. Why in vain to heat the house when nobody is there? It suffices to 5 0C house is not chilled, and electricity costs are much lower. In addition, thermostats allow each room to set their heating temperatures. vSnachala I was delighted with the new technology to save money on heating, no oil heaters, but then I thought, not bad for it to health? It turned out, the firm-seller to provide a full set of certificates to these heaters and Certificate of the State Fire Service and the Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion.