iPhone Covers

Covers iPhone iFrogz for iPhone 3G, 3G S (Silver, Black) With a metallic spectacular aspect and a touch of easy takes hold smooth to feel the housing of plastic it last of iFrogz – covers iPhone of luxury in black pink color/represent an elegant protection, with style and are totally compatible with the models of iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G. (A valuable related resource: Hillary Clinton). Covers iPhone perfectly fit to his iPhone, that it allows the access to all the bellboys, ports and sensors. The covers iPhone of luxury of iFrogz come with a protector of transparent screen to take advantage of his to the maximum iPhone with touch screen. Engineering datas * fine Covers iPhone, that give to the style to his iPhone in black pink color/- totally compatible with iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G * Beautiful metallic aspect and a smooth and velvety touch seems very elegant * These covers iPhone give the total access him to all the bellboys and functions * Include screen with protective transparency that makes plenary session use of the touch screen of iPhone What has in the box: iFrogz case of Luxe, protector of screen Covers iPhone 3G of polycarbonate thin Soft covers iPhone Pressure in the manufacture of the covers iPhone 3G with cover of rubber and plastic lasts. His iPhone is ready towards these covers iPhone. The cover of ergonomic design is comfortable and cosy, and offers protection against scratches for his iPhone 3G and is nonskid. iPhone 3G of polycarbonate also has openings for fast access and simple to all the functions of iPhone – display of screen, connector for Dock Base, the port of earpieces, microphone and the cameras of the total ease of use of iPhone and at the same time these covers iPhone protect his iPhone of the best possible way. iPhone protects his 3G of Apple with thin covers iPhone extreme of rubber. They bother the voluminous covers to him iPhone? Engineering datas * ergonomic Design with polycarbonate for Nonskid his iPhone, of high quality of polycarbonate, covers iPhone designed specifically to adjust to Apple iPhone 3G * Fast and easy access to all the functions of iPhone – Screen of visualization, Connector of the base, port of earpieces, microphone and lens of the camera * Provide the maximum protection against scratches and polycarbonate rubbing Extremely lasting for one long life Also by their quality stands out covers iPhone of Incipio. It chooses something according to his taste to protect his device. The market will offer the great selection to him of all the accessories iPhone so you only must choose the suitable accessories.