Kassel Computer

Digital data are unfortunately easy to manipulate, the securing of the evidence and the court evidence in turn is very extensive and time consuming. Digital data are unfortunately easy to manipulate, the securing of the evidence and the court evidence in turn is very extensive and time consuming. Private companies such as the support Office cave specializes in data recovery and computer forensics help those concerned to respond promptly and effectively to a concrete suspicion. Headquartered in Kassel expanded the scope of its services so component important just in the business. It turns so primarily, but not exclusively, on any size businesses that can take advantage of the offer. The cyber crime is growing in every industry, sensitive data are a very vulnerable area that requires special security measures.

But just when a suspicion of internal employees, it is difficult to investigate this for an employer. While it is in the interest of all Involved, the situation so quickly and comprehensively to enlighten. A special problem is however, that mere suspicion using computer forensics forensics by official investigating authorities do not or only very slow. In the meantime further manipulation can but occur or lost tracks. In such cases, the support Office cave offers a quick alternative, which ensures that all traces are Court backed up and evaluated. It offers also a comprehensive analysis that addresses all steps taken and the evidence it discovered – in addition to the backup, and exonerating facts are thus exactly arrested by neutral third parties with the necessary expertise and can be used in later steps. Evidence for safety reasons, the works support Office cave near his computer forensics also not with the original disks, but with a bit-exact copy.

In this way all important traces remain and can later – if necessary- Authorities are made available. Further investigations also belong to the service the company is helpful not only to ensuring the data, but performs its own investigation alongside the computer forensics, to narrow the circle of suspects in order to convict the offender. In the IT infrastructure it is one of the main problems very often, that very many people have access to certain records and files – the limit is not so easy and requires also a large amount of expertise as well as experience and logical deduction. Manipulations can be committed today very easily from a distance. The ways to disguise such unauthorized access, are also diverse. For this reason, a cautious, careful and impartial investigation and a specialized computer forensics is essential to completely clarify on the background of such an incident. The service in Germany is still new which gives up not many companies are so far specialise in this type of computer forensics. This relates mainly to the complexity of the matter – especially in this area, it requires a team of specialists to thoroughly examine and assess all aspects. Also the processing and analysis must adhere to precise conditions legal knowledge is therefore almost as important as technical expertise. However, the demand is high – now every company relies on independent of its size on a functioning infrastructure. Must be investigated therefore in your own interest as soon as possible a suspicion of manipulation.