Language Technology Ensures Higher Efficiency

The European media laboratory (EML) connects the two different search methods before Berlin/Heidelberg on CallCenterWorld in Berlin for the first time. The Heidelberger IT company European media laboratory GmbH (EML) is represented at the CallCenterWorld from 22 to 24 February 2011 in Berlin again with its own stand (Hall 5, stand A14). The EML offers language technology solutions in the area of telephone customer contact companies. The EML transcription platform”enables the conversion of calls in the call center in written text. Exhibits on CallCenterWorld the language technology experts of EML will introduce a novelty: the additional phonetic search function. It allows it to find an any term not only using the word search in the text, but also by phonetic spelling.

Thus all the search terms can be found, for example, also very special names that are not already stored in the system”, explains research and Development Director Dr. Siegfried Kunzmann. It combines the EML transcription platform”as a first language technology system the Word search in the text with the phonetic search and using the advantages of both methods. Incoming calls are automatically converted to text and call-center-specific product or problem categories, breakdown patterns and call features. Also, the calls are searches for new terms and linked together. The automatic transcription also enables an advanced keyword spotting”, an efficient, advanced search for specific keywords. Conventional systems have on the new handle all calls, so all voice recordings, at each new keyword search and browse.

The Advanced keyword spotting”is as fast as a search engine the keywords in the recognized text. You can also make also these keywords in terms of”, so Dr. Kunzmann. This can effectively determine how many callers have called for example, specific product name. This information is interesting also for strategy and marketing departments of a company: the calls are authentic Testimonials, which activities, products and services faster and more directly can be adapted. Our language technology helps the employees in call centers thus on the one hand, to make the communication more efficient and customer-friendly, but also a strategic marketing analysis instrument will provide”, summarizes the EML research and Development Manager. EML on CallCenterWorld, Berlin, Estrel Convention Center: Hall 5, stand A14. About EML: The European media laboratory GmbH (EML) was initiated by SAP co-founder Klaus Tschira in life. The EML research and development of automatic language processing, as well as the human-technology interaction. A focus lies on Speech2Text applications in telephony and contact center applications (voice mail, speech analytics) as well as the transcription of media data are used. for more information contact please: Dr. Peter Saueressig press and public work European media laboratory GmbH Castle Wolf spring trail 35, 69118 Heidelberg phone: + 49-6221-533245 mobile: + 49-170-5759896 email: