Lower Heating

Fireplace installation has become commonplace for cottage construction. Installing a fireplace in your home will allow you to enjoy warmth and comfort at any time when you just want to! Installing a fireplace can be done the old fashioned way – from laying bricks. But lately, more and more important it becomes mantel. Mantel – is complex block-level elements that make up the fireplace. Facing the fireplace, usually made of natural materials – marble, granite and wood. Perfect fireplace created by the interior of your home based technology construction of fireplaces. Heating furnaces are used to organize the heating system in a country house. Heating stoves, manufactured in our company have several advantages, such as – reliability, durability, heat and of course, easy to install.

Heating furnace, as a rule, is small, and heats a small room – for example, a room. Thanks to the momentary heating furnace heating this room warms up quickly. When choosing a heating furnace should be borne in mind that the bottom of the furnace should be heated quickly to heat cold floors and other well cold air in the house. Heating and cooking stove intended for space heating and cooking, heating water and bread. Unnecessarily heating and cooking stove, and contains iron stove and oven – its heating properties increase. Heating and cooking furnaces their roots far back in time, namely heating and cooking stoves were in every house in Russia, and allowed not only to heat the premises, but also cook. Currently, heating and cooking stoves are not lost its relevance – they are still used in cottages and country houses where there is no central heating. Heating and cooking stove is a double decker hood.

The lower tier is warming strongly that can heat the cold air at the bottom of the room. Because the upper and lower tiers of the heating and cooking stoves communicate with each other, the warm air does not come out of the oven, and provides longer heating. Heating and cooking stoves are used not only in the winter – thanks to a special valve can provide the output of heated air out through the chimney, and even in the summer heating and cooking stove is used for cooking. Choose a heating system for your home based on the technical features of the house and let in your house will be warm!