LurDocument PDF Compressor

Already 20 societies have with the LurDocument PDF / A compressor cost benefits reached Berlin, January 26, 2010 – already 20 by over 50 institutions, the Bechtle solutions for the OSPlus archive of financial informatics insert using the LurDocument PDF compressor to compress the documents to be archived. This is the result of for about a year-long collaboration of the two providers. Bechtle has integrated with its know-how and its consulting expertise in the savings environment PDF/A in his capture solution of OSP archive link. The conversion to PDF/A compliant files assumes the LurDocument PDF Compressor. The advantages of this product integration that allows a system-independent and long term readability of archived documents at lower disk space requirements and thus lower costs to assert itself increasingly at the Sparkassen. Savings process usually large amounts of paper-based documents, of which many over several years must be preserved. In addition, the financial institutions due to the large amount of digital must Make documents on their storage needs and ensure quick access. With the PDF/A format, you can archive their documents long-term legible and in small file sizes, both in color and in black and white.

This long-term format supports the central service provider in the industry, the financial data processing, already since the beginning of 2008 in their \”ZDA OSPlus archive\” (central document archive). Since summer 2009, PDF/A for scanned documents in the German of giro and savings banks Association (DSGV) Guide is recommended. This is the LurDocument PDF Compressor not only for the digitization of stock used, but is also used in the day-to-day business. With its decision for PDF/A as a storage format that is specifically for the use in the scan area, the savings banks benefit from reduced storage requirements and reduced network bandwidth load. Modern techniques such as the LurDocument PDF/A technology to support the color scanning smallest file sizes while maintaining high quality.