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This results in the sector – specific and cross-border applications. By the technical documentation, catalogues, data sheets, validation documentation of medical leaflets, artwork up to leaf collections of lots of the scope of ST4 stretches. The medical technology, pharmaceuticals & life sciences, the machine – and plant construction, information technology, electronics, the automotive industry, publishers and the air – and defense industry today put the SCHEMA on the XML-based solutions. What unites these industries is the trust in the high level of innovation, expertise, and last but not least the economic stability of the Nuremberg company. SCHEMA ST4 is now available in version 3.3 and is used by over 250 customers. Many customer relationships since company inception. We include the SCHEMA users of the first hour and are still amazed by the XML content management system.

The SCHEMA convinced us that with their offer, the expertise and its service team over the years Cooperation!”says Mr Dr. Zinburg, documentation coordinator and co-project manager at Agilent Technologies. Stefan Freisler: As owner-managed companies in the past 15 years we were always profitable and are continuous and organically grown. We have no financial investor and remained self-financed even amid the economic crisis. We have invested all date from the cash flow out.” The scheme works with a broad partner network of 41 partners in Germany and abroad. “Stefan Freisler and Marcus Kesseler pride themselves especially on their excellent staff: software and projects are made by people for people”, the founders explain. Their rate of innovation and speed preserves also in the future the SCHEMA GmbH and their young management team.

She sees it as a challenge, to define the standard for the solution of complex documents on the market in the next 15 years. Reader contact SCHEMA Tel: + 49 911 58 68 61-0 SCHEMA complex documents easily. The SCHEMA GmbH was founded in 1995 by a team of IT and documentation specialists in Nuremberg and has today more than 60 employees at four locations. The flagship ‘ SCHEMA is the XML-based editorial and content management system SCHEMA ST4 “, which around the creation of efficient functions, which provides management and the publication of complex or large quantities of documents. Due to its scalability, it is suitable for use in small editorial teams to return to enterprise-wide solution for information logistics. SCHEMA ST4 in various industrial sectors successfully used, tasks related to complex documents ‘ to solve: software documentation and help systems, technical documentation, catalogues include, Pack media solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, special solutions for public and specialist publishers and also for the contract and proposal management. SCHEMA ST4 integrates easily in modern IT environments: it has been implemented in the Microsoft .NET Framework, supports the Full of documentation relevant standards (XML, XSL: FO, DITA, etc) and has a wide range of interfaces (MS Office, Adobe CS, SAP, Documentum, SharePoint). SCHEMA is networked with renowned partners, specifically to be able to address as well as specific customer and industry solutions.