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How to duplicate DVD on Mac: A short and useful guide because both the discs and the drive which problems have normal wear and tear, DVD backup is extremely important, and with the increasing popularity of Mac, it is very necessary for us to discuss DVD on Mac, how to really duplicate. For Mac users, as soon as they get the right way to copy DVD on Mac, no longer are they to back about the wear and tear problems from disc or drive. In addition, it saves many trouble for Mac users, because there is no need for you to insert the disc again and again. Then how can we accurately duplicate DVD on Mac? Mac has built-in application copy and burn a disc, ao you can duplicate DVD on Mac with the Mac of your own. Classified by slight differences in two species of Vervielfatigung are given by the own programs from Mac as follows. One way is to select the file that you want to copy to DVD.

And in the “file” drop down list of “Finder” Menu, you can either click on “Duplicate”, which means, create a copy of any file, or click on “Brennen…auf disc”, which allows to a DVD on a DVD blank copies. (See the screenshot above for reference.) The other method can copy a DVD, is by clicking icon in the “application” folder on the “Tools”, and there you will “hard disk utility” find, meets a double-clicking on it and adjust the source and destination file ‘restore’ under the table The steps of this method are the following number brand shows images. But even with these possibilities by Mac, to duplicate the problem DVD on Mac still exists. What about DVDs with protection? Or if you want to convert DVD to other formats, what should you do? At this moment, Magic DVD Ripper for Mac (, what you need is accurate. It is a program, DVD decrypt in various formats and convert, and most importantly, can it all limitations of DVDs remove the free and pleasant DVDs to enjoy so the user. With Magic DVD Ripper for Mac (, you can completely remove the DVD on Mac it duplicate protection DVD codes, CSS, etc the region in best quality with ease, and then DVD play on all kinds of devices as you want. The image the interface shown below by Magic DVD Ripper for Mac, and if you want to know the program continue, only free download of Magic DVD Ripper for Mac (mac.