Modern Technology

Light boxes are the appropriate presentation of your products of Cologne, 03.12.2009. Do you have a product that you want to promote? Or maybe you want to present your company at trade shows more outward. Useful light boxes have proved this. With these, the product or the thing, which is to be presented as a highlight, is literally illuminated and thus more striking! So that the products get the attention that meets them, there are a number of different models of light boxes, which are available at ALDISPLAYS. The range stretches from single-sided or double-sided illuminated light boxes that look like picture frames, light boxes with curved optics, to the beacon or a whole family of the lighting columns for the extraordinary eye-catcher.

Light boxes which are either double-sided illuminated and dominant hanging from the ceiling down provide individuality or single-sided illuminated wall-mounted be can. The different mounting options are possible also with the curved light boxes, where the advantage lies with these in their rounded shape that apart from simple light boxes. In addition to the modern light boxes for indoor use and the display window, there are outdoor light boxes, which attract the gaze of passers-by at ALDISPLAYS. The range includes the lightbox Flatlight, which the material protects it from vandalism and natural influences. ALDISPLAYS is constantly busy to expand the product range and to offer new models of light boxes. This is however not forget on the technique to create value. New in the assortment are the light boxes with LED light.

This modern technology reduces energy consumption by up to 70%. The very bright and even illumination of the boxes, with a guaranteed long LED life is particularly beneficial. The change of scene happens at the front and the model can be purchased on request in various color arrangements. More Information about the many different models of our light boxes, as well as its modern technology, on the site. We are looking forward to your visit!