National Commission

The National Commission for Development and Reform Commission approved the construction of the project in Baotou (Inner Mongolia) Installations for the production of 600,000 tons per year DMTO. After completion of bench testing was begun construction of a Commercial trials with a treatment capacity of 30 000 tonnes of methanol per year, using technology FMTP (fluidized methanol to propylene), which was developed in China. (2) A number of new technologies in sectors of production of chemical fertilizers and coal products has a modern developed in China mnogosoplovaya technology that differs from the gasification of the suspension, and commercial installation demonstrate successful operation. China has built 10 plants with 20 kilns. Technology gasification of powdered coal under pressure has become one of the major breakthroughs, and is currently being built industrial units with consumption of coal in 1000 tonnes per day. Has already built two industrial units with a furnace for coal with a capacity of 500 tons per day and operating pressure of 4.0 MPa, using technology developed in China gradually with coal / gas generation without the carbon oxidation. In the field of biochemical production, China is developing technologies for the biocatalytic production validamitsina high purity, as well as Industrial production valiolamina. (3) were obtained some achievements in the production of an entire group of basic chemical plant equipment.

Company Triangle Group Co., Ltd. uses innovative technology developed by, and made a huge construction tire with a diameter of 3600 mm and a cross section of 1400 mm. In 2007, China was also built quite a lot of complete local chemical plants and the ground equipment that meets modern international standards, such as: the installation for the production of dimethyl ether with a capacity of 100,000 tonnes per year plant for the production of methanol with a capacity of 300,000 tons per year using technology with low pressure.