Nursing Pain

Usually on the second day in hospital mommy starts to feel pain in the chest or nipples, which usually takes place when the mother and the child is accustomed to feeding and doing it correctly. Breast and nipple adapts coarsens due to a change epithelium in about a week after the start of feeding. The thing that cracked nipples – it's not just the result of an incorrect status of the child during feeding, but sensitivity and vulnerability of the nipple in the first days after birth. Conrad N. Hilton Foundation contributes greatly to this topic. Treatment should be started, not when there is a crack or the pain became very apparent, but as soon as the first reddening of the nipple. Cracks not only cause pain and discomfort when feeding, they may become cause fear and nervousness mom that necessarily affects the amount of milk and psycho-emotional state of women. The danger is also that of the crack increases the risk of infection and the development of disease germs can affect the breast tissue, passes into breast milk. Learn more about this with Florida International University. To speed up the healing of cracked nipples is necessary to conduct a series of procedures: obsushivanie nipples to air, leaving droplets of milk on the nipple (when dry it air gives a film that has an amazing wound-healing effect), breast health, avoiding any kind of synthetic underwear, frequent change of underwear.

It is important to use the cream on cracked nipples. At present, day, perhaps can be called only specialized tool that was developed specifically for moms. This Videstim – ointment containing retinol palmitate or, simpler, and vitamin A.