Vasily Kandinsky

Accordingly, the red square can be realistically interpreted as the evening sky during sunset or symbolically as an allegory of the bloody World War II. Thus, the yellow box if there is a realistic interpretation may be regarded as a fusion of helium from hydrogen, and in the case of symbolic interpretation as an allegory of the theory, which considers light as a stream of material particles, or an allegory of the square of the speed of light. However, all these interpretations do not turn up in the described works of art for the simple reason that we are dealing here not with expressive material models, and arbitrarily interpreted to tangible objects. However, the situation will change radically, if such squares to construct a harmonic composition, which combines a system of contrasts and balance. In this case, will be a material object, which is expressive of the material model. This model encodes specific experiences associated with harmony of contrasts, and balance. Not based on technical characteristics of the entities and the use of non-illusory space lines depicting geometrized forms can be defined as neometrichesky primitivism.

In the absence of the dimension of color primitives come out of the dimension or novorazmernosti. Color in primitive forms entirely used monohromizme. In monohromizme or monochrome primitivism traditional ideas about the symbolism of color are personalized in nature. Using the principle of metonymy, the imaginary, monochrome take on a primitive associative array, by replacing proposed an object or phenomenon in the form of the primitive monochrome, lacking any recognizable content, other alleged objects or phenomena. This approach also applies to art works of abstract art. "However, it must be emphasized that quite clear in sound, so to speak monotonously colored elements do not exist in reality, that even the elements taken for major or primary elements, have not primitive and complex nature. All the concepts associated with primitiveness, relative, relative and therefore our scientific language, "said Vasily Kandinsky's founder and theorist of trends abstract art.

In the geometric primitivism primitivism stereometric allocated based on a combination of regular planar volumes: cone, cube, cylinder, sphere. Cubism is characterized by emphasized the use of conventional forms of geometrized, the desire to break up the real objects on stereometric primitives, the desire to identify simple geometric shapes, the underlying objects. That fully express the ideas of things, the artists rejected the traditional perspective as an optical illusion, and tend to give a comprehensive picture of their forms through decomposition and combining several of its species in a single picture. The increased interest in the form leads to a differentiation in the use of colors. Warm colors for protruding elements of plot motive, cold colors for distant or remote element of the picture. Stereometric primitivism as expressed in paintings tubizma, where the objects have in pictures of cylindrical shape. Form of paintings mostly tubular shapes are more streamlined, to approximate a cylindrical shape. "The primitivism primitive artist in the picture, but there is also the one who draws the primitives, "in the dual output, formed in arsizma delights, a general understanding of the technique of painting with the story dvurazmernoy deeply traditional motifs human life in the picturesque primitivism and basic geometric forms of primitivism.

Fast Water

Fruits, vegetables, proteins and fiber A strategy good of diet to lose fat of the belly quickly must consist of a pile of fruits and vegetables because they are low in fats and rich in water and fiber that is going to satisfy your appetite without necessity to add more fat to your diet. The integral grains with fiber and thin proteins also must be additions to your low fat diet to lose belly and fat of the belly because the protein requires more time to digest and your belly remains full by more time, and it eats with less frequency, whereas the whole grains that are full of fiber help to eat less by food. To drink water to lose belly and fat of the belly To maintain the body hydrated will help you to lose fat of the belly quickly because your body does not cling to the humidity, which brings about water retention.

By stranger who can seem, to drink more water it will help your body to release unnecessary water, so asegrate to drink water when you are thirsty. To drink water also will help to fill your belly before a food so that noncommas in excess during the meals. This will help to reduce the amount you of foods that you eat to quickly lose belly and fat of the belly. Dile goodbye, or limits the fast food unique good that I can say about the fast food it is that she is comfortable, but that comfort has a very high price, especially for the women whose weight goes directly to the stomach. Deshacerte of the fast food of your diet is one of the best ways to lose fat of the belly in the women because it loads with fat and calories to you, which means that you will have to work the double to only burn fat every day.

The Meeting

Very important that you validate if only it will be that person or more persons to the meeting and what are the expectations of this group in relation to this meeting will be attended by communication event strategy. Based on this preliminary information, define what its strategy to develop this communication event. This implies what is your process to listen to the situation of the client and once done this, which is his strategy to convey his initial message. There is a very important aspect that we cannot forget and not go to the end to be excellent listeners and not leave any message in a first meeting. That is why the importance of establishing which is the objective of the meeting. Rest assured that a prospect will not accept a meeting, only to be heard, the will want to know, so is in a preliminary way, that you and your company has to offer.

This is not to say that once you hear your caller, you begin to talk to a severe problem of incontinence oral upon their products and solutions. NO, you can simply have a strategy of generating interest and remembrance, for example through references to similar situations in which your company has delivered an effective solution to other companies. You can demonstrate interest in the situation, but indicate that in order to diagnose it in detail it is necessary to raise more information in field and negotiate one second interview more complete. Anyway, the choices are endless, the important thing is that you have a strategy with options, which should be considered (at least the most likely) to know in advance how deal with this situation. The only thing I can tell you is that improvisation is not a strategy. This point is so important that if you don’t plan well, you can break a good opportunity of sale due to a bad process of communication or an improvisation that didn’t you.


What would these activities? In the case of the professionals of the health area is could help them to assemble and acquire the necessary elements for the functioning of institutions providing health services, because we now see that this kind of institutions are not property of these professionals but people engaged in other activities. Likewise the Department and the municipalities could contract with them health care services for official employees of their dependencies and for children under a year as mandated by the law of laws should receive free care in all health institutions which receive contributions from the State; or for members of the third age the State, in accordance with article 46 of the Constitution, must assure that comprehensive social security services. (This proposal has become obsolete with the passage of law 100 of 1993). Sally Struthers pursues this goal as well. In the case of professionals in the legal areas are could help to assemble and properly equip offices law firms that they would serve popular legal clinics or centers of conciliation or arbitration courts, and can also the Department and the municipalities contract with them counseling and judicial or extrajudicial killing or descongestionando thus representations legal offices of those territorial entities that so far, for one reason or another not have been able to operate as it should. In the case of professionals in areas pertaining to the field are could help them acquire and promote the productive functioning of farms, ranches, or integral farms also cede them or sell them multiple experimental farms property of the Department or of the nation, with the assurance that they will know to use with better productive and investigative. These associations of professionals in the field once established and financed or subsidized could also provide services of management or administration for owners of farms or ranches that for one reason or another cannot or does not they reach to address them.

Professional Resources

Eye accesses in the lower part, comprise people kinestesicas (very sensitive persons) and persons of internal dialogue. In my case in the trade issue that is of vital importance, because if I have a client ahead I’ve calibrated and I know that it is visual, like me, and tells me with visual eye accesses created, that you already have another offer from another company, much more economic, you know where your customer comes you. The first thing I do is to question it and frankly tell you possibly get an offer best, I do not deny it, but I would like to believe, that we are here gathered to maximize your project on the internet. As a recommendation, I would say directly that NLP provides us with many and great communication tools, and as tools that are, can be used for good and bad purposes. A screwdriver, may be the best tool of a Carpenter, but a screwdriver, can also injure a person.

If you put running these two simple resources, certain that from now on, will go with advantage to visit to your customers. That it, having tools that facilitate us things. This article developed by Juan Garcia delicate (NLP practitioner) and published on December 2, 2009 in the Official Gazette of the community of professional method: can also be found in the professional method corporate blog at: do suggestions? writes Juan Garcia delicate source web resources other Blogs related hypnosis therapies: to achieve something, rather than increase your web resources Professional web resources APG ARGENTINA programming: NLP Alfonso and company first part: computer control, political bloggers and lic.

Organization Staff

Consider also, exposed by Katz and Khan (1970), when they indicate entire organization creates its own culture or climate, with its own taboos, customs and lifestyles. The climate or culture of the system reflects both the norms and values of the formal system as its reinterpretation in the informal system () as well as reflects internal and external pressures of the types of people that the Organization attracts, its work processes and physical distribution, the modalities of communication, the exercise of authority within the system. You must be attentive once it begins, the bear in mind its functions, such as Darwin Ebert Aguilar says: Management, flexibility, evaluate and modify the direction of the company. Use of communication technologies, this in view of globalization. Make noticeable that the most important are the human resources. Competitiveness and innovation. Permanent training, prosperity, and quality of results. Discipline, horizontality, participation, mutual respect, responsibility, honesty.

Form: leaders, change agents and staff of respite care. Communicate a sense of identity to the members of the organization. Support the commitment to something greater than the self same. Strengthen the stability of the social system. Facilitate premises recognized and accepted for decision making The cultural artifacts, motivate staff and they facilitate the cohesion of the Group and the commitment to relevant goals. You may find Peter Thiel to be a useful source of information. Add: Commit to efficiently play its social responsibility with humanization in job satisfaction to the needs demanded by consumers finally not be must be neglected as it implies recalls Ebert and Yvan Allaire and Mihaela E. Firsirotu, indicated by (1992) the three main factors: the values and characteristics of the surrounding society.The past of the Organization and guidance that former leaders have given him.

Personnel Administration

'1 In: Salary and Personnel Administration 8 'created by the new generation technology platform '1 C: Enterprise 8', which provides high flexibility configurability, scalability, performance and usability of application solutions. The delivery of software is a typical configuration 'Salary and Personnel Administration. " '1 In: Salary and Management HR 8 'available in two versions: Basic and TRAC. Learn more on the subject from James Caan. The basic version is a single-user version of the TRAC program analog '1 C: Payroll and Human Resource Management 8 '. For the purpose of accounting is provided joint work program with '1: Salary and Personnel Administration 8 'with the program 1C 8. Advantages compared with the program 1 C: Salary and Personnel 7.7 ''1 C Program: Salary and Personnel Administration 8' is implemented the possibility of record-keeping of several organizations in a common information base.

Organizations can share lists of individuals, classifications of analytical information, etc. In addition, each organization may keep records on the general or simplified tax system as part of the same information base. Implemented management is not only regulated accounting accruals, and payroll management with all variety of stimulating allowances and bonuses, characteristic of modern commercial and industrial enterprises, as well as the opportunity to describe additional charge with all implemented in a configuration calculation algorithms, in particular, can describe any number of additional leaves with a different recording. '1 In: Salary and Personnel Administration 8 'contains an improved mechanism for reporting the use of working time with the support of: individual work schedules, including the 'sliding' and the summary of individual schedules, entry details and / or aggregate time sheets as primary documents, data are then used in the calculation of wages, payment of hourly absenteeism, for example, vnutrismennyh downtime specialized documents. In forming the timesheet of hours worked in the form of T-13 in lack of data on payroll data using the lack of workers registered in the personnel records. Realized not only accounting personnel the tools, but tools and personnel management: certification, training, employment, including vacation planning, recruitment, including contact manager, and other features. Implemented a powerful analytical reporting subsystem personnel, including report on arbitrary lists of employees, the movement of workers and visual diagrams holidays, a full military records to the formation of the required reports. Implementation of all standardized forms to record work, including forms of T-7 T-10 T-10A, T-54. Modern ergonomic API solutions 1C Salary and Personnel Administration 8 gives you access service opportunities 1C Enterprise 8: versatile tools to work with printed documents with forms the possibility of sending the document by e-mail group universal treatment manuals and documents, the connection of external processing and limiting access to their use, the connection of additional plates in the documents, the connection of additional processors fill the table of the document; ban set the date change data administration tools users using '1 C: Enterprise '; means sharing access to data on jobs (roles) of users. 1C Franchisee ABS

Government Sciences

Now arise us the following questions, if the man already identified, at least in concept, a light that can give answer to the problem posed, is applying efficiently these concepts? Unfortunately, the observable evidence to all the inhabitants of the East planet us point to a negative response, but when what is to be? What have been the omissions committed by the civilization for the functioning of these concepts? Perhaps there is a completely accurate answer to these questions, the most likely is due to a set of causes that, more than a single. We could enumerate some possibilities, non-participation and civic apathy, disinterest and negligence of organs of Government and authority, little responsibility for economic entities, etc. In the inertia and dynamics of the development of civilization which have stopped to reflect on the way in which the virtuous spiral of sustainable development (economic, social and environmental aspects) can be kept in harmony are few. Recognized the importance of science in this task, specifically physical, natural sciences and their applied disciplines, since through new discoveries and investigations into them have achieved advances that allow some betterment of life of society, reduce rates of pollution, among others. On the other hand, the evil so-called soft Sciences (social science or humanities), apparently due to the lack of scientific rigor (which is wrong), they have not had the same development than its counterpart. It is essential to point out that we do not aseveramos that great discoveries, and relevant research in these areas; have not been achieved without embargo compared with scientific development, evidenced by the physical, natural sciences and their applied disciplines, as well as the promotion that they receive, the social sciences have been devalued and left to second term. What can generate negative consequences both to environmental or social, levels in this regard Robert Howard tells us: when technology is linked to corporate governance mandates, the work often becomes the antithesis of the realm of freedom.2 I.e. . Learn more about this topic with the insights from marlon brando.


To reduce the cash prizes for the individual, but is now about to maximize pleasure and good feelings money profits instead of. True, individual people’s needs, which can freely develop its essence because they have been educated and trained is based on this variety of inventors and visionaries. That is very contrary to the manipulated today easily from the system press, denkfaulen consumer sheep. They are artificially influenced through expensive advertising and clever use of group thinking, to acquire the respective mass products and services. A practical example of this is the completely incomprehensible hype surrounding many film and music stars. They artificially using the system press of collected stars and genius serve, to draw the attention of the masses to a few, so that each behind the Companies with these few can earn as much money.

Another important point is that the many emerging companies are usually no longer owned by an individual or a group of well-funded but belong to everyone, competently and actively involved in the success of the company. The reason that not more expensive machines, but we ourselves, are the means of production with our commitment, our skills and our creativity. Free information that we quickly can access with our computers with Internet access are the basis for this. This universal tool is also the basis for our constructive cooperation. People do something together, and just because they sense the vision and the objectives of a contractor, and because they have to the essence, to fulfill the tasks each not as yet so often, because it is a well-established and well-known company, that a safe money earning source provides. The newly described species to farming based so on completely different principles, such as the economy in an industrial society. The nature created us, can serve us as a shining example of a constructive interpersonal life together.

Revision Of Days

To maintain a diet healthful generally gives manoeuvre margin him to enjoy a dessert a pair of times to the week without needing feeling guilty. Of return to the routines to maintain your weight Now that you are trying to maintain your weight it can again return the number and the intensity of the training. To go to the gymnasium six days to the week is not really a necessity. Although it will depend on your personal preference, you can go to the gymnasium several days to the week and find the form less intense to be active in the days that you do not go (like leaving to walk at night). Connect with other leaders such as James Caan here. It is important to stay active in some level with the purpose of to maintain your weight. Nevertheless, to see what eats is the most critical component for the maintenance efforts. To maintain the good state of the mind Over any other thing, the most important thing that you can do is to think about all the process like a change of life style. You did not arrive up to here only to return to your old woman customs.

There are the commitment with you to put your health in the first place. You are going to continue living on the same form that when you were trying to lose weight (to make exercise, to eat healthful, to sleep the sufficient thing), but with less rigor. It is possible to be taken a little test and error until finding the balance adapted of exercise and the revision of the nutritional habits. With a little work you are going to find out what you need to make to lose weight and to maintain your weight.