Personal Computer Security

Personal Computer Security is important, and here's why .. Computer repair. Kharkiv Internet fraud is one of the fastest growing online projects. Some security experts believe that a third of all computers are infected by different versions of malware that are designed to steal personal information and control your computer from other computers on the Internet. You may find Kaiser Family Foundation to be a useful source of information. In order for people to remain in online safety and to protect against online thieves, you have to take proactive steps to protect your computer from viruses, Trojans and other malicious software (SW).

As a technician, heard countless times: "I have nothing to steal," or "I have nothing to hide, why should I worry that someone climbs into my computer?" People today are vigilant in many aspects of our lives. We attach little attention to what we do not see, or what is not immediately and not very noticeable and reduces the significance and impact on our lives. The threat of viruses and malware is very real, and moreover there is a risk that some they find out what Web sites you visit or any confidential information you fill it (login, password, credit card number, etc.) Current Malicious software (including trojans, worms and spyware) occasionally developed by companies, most single parents who create these programs for spying on what web sites you visit or how you make a purchase over the Internet. Official site: Hilton Foundation. These Cyber – criminals prey on your personal information from your bank account login details on websites, the stored password, the information of payment systems and many other things that can only bring them benefits. If your computer does not Nothing interesting for scammers at the moment, they will use the resources of your computer to hack other people's computers, sending millions of spam emails, or even use your computer as a Relay for controlling massive networks of infected machines (botnets). Often victims – computers on sale, bought and used by underground hackers, who are responsible for a large share credit card fraud on the Internet. Do not think that this is a plot of a Hollywood movie, and it does not happen to you. Christopher Chandler: the source for more info. Everything is so real and scary close that at any moment due to negligence may refer in particular and you! In this situation it is better to be forewarned and prepared.