Planning Important

Modern man is increasingly acute shortage of time. Perhaps everyone would agree that he needs to add a few hours in a day or several days a week. Want to sleep, time to read a lot of literature to visit several places at once. For people engaged in science as a profession is particularly relevant. What should I do? An excellent way – to calm down and plan your time. For Planning is useful to define the importance of facing your problems. All tasks can be divided into three groups: the first level of problem for which the highest priority task in the second level, whose priority is lower, but they are important for you and the third group – the tasks that could be postponed for some time.

Value problems in the group must meet the normal distribution: 25% 50% 25%. This is a rather simplistic approach, but it works. Respectively to be allocated and time. 25% of the most important problem, 50% of the tasks with lower priority and 25% of the tasks with the lowest priority. Thus, all problems will be solved gradually and have been posted yet will not 'sink'. However, that would not remain unsubstantiated cite a few examples.

You write a dissertation. Goal – to write and defend a thesis. This goal can be divided into several tasks: 1. the most urgent and important task: to prepare and deliver candidate examinations. About how they sit there, for example, the article 'How to quickly prepare for candidate examinations in History and Philosophy of Science? ". Template for the delivery of other examinations in general similar. On this task should be given 25% of time each day to the winning date. 50% must be spent on carrying out practical work, the writing of findings and publication of articles. Where to publish articles? Excellent option may become a collection of participants some of the conference. It is necessary to search them online. For psychologists, there are a few specialized sites. For example, phlogiston or news from the world of psychology. There you can find a suitable thesis topic for the conference and register as a participant. I am sure that other areas there are many such conferences. 25% must be left to the review of the literature on the issue. However, it must comply with the proportion and attention to solving problems every day. A little bit, but necessary. Of course, each person can have in its approach and its priorities in the distribution of tasks. However, it is important to plan the work and to separate important from less important tasks.