Prepaid Internet Without Contract

Who wants to surf the Internet freely contracted, should opt for Prepaid Internet. More and more mobile operators have so-called Prepaid Internet rates on offer. Prepaid Internet has the advantage that here no contract must be completed with the term 24 months over the traditional mobile telephony contracts. Utilizing the World Wide Web, especially for young people, plays a central role. But here you can take over quickly financially with expensive contracts. And long contract durations can be an obstacle. However, there is a good solution.

The prepaid Internet. A 12 or 24-month binding to a provider does not exist here. Also, a fee will not be charged. Furthermore, no minimum consumption ahead is used. Some providers also advertise that the device price is eliminated. The prepaid amount is charged. It is then consumed at each use of the Internet. It does not, use it some time here no cost.

The use of the Internet will be through a mobile phone or a surf stick possible. This allows the Mobile Access on travel or business routes. The speed for surfing is already very close to broadband speed. Many well-known discounters belong to the party in addition to the network operators such as T-mobile and Vodafone. Fonic, Bildmobil, Simyo and Congstar deserve this reputation. Get a SIM card already from 2,-euros. Many providers also advertise with a starting credit. This is typically around the 10,-euro. The billing for the use of the Internet is carried out after minutes or megabytes (MB). Lowest per-minute rates are at 0.09 euros. The best price per MB consumed is 0.19 euros. But also a daily flat rate can be booked. Prices starting from 2.40 euro start here. Should be a USB stick surf need, it must calculate costs from 25,-. In these, then inserted the SIM card and the device connected to a notebook. Christopher Heinsius