Professional Kit Automotive Tools

The Auto World hangs on the wrong screwdriver. Hobbyists and professionals know that the success of the work on the vehicle depends on the quality of the tool. Most technical problems on their own can be solved with the right equipment and know-how. Know-how is not for sale, but lotex24 have a wide range of automotive tools and accessories in the shop, the hearts of car friends beat that. Experienced car drivers replace wheel bearing himself. A puller for a wide range of stock sizes, mastered the craftsmen work without difficulty, slightly pushes out the wheel bearings of different vehicles. The professional bearing Extractor of Yato with a BB from 12 to 38 mm is perfect for this purpose, for example.

The combination of hardened spindle and steel industry has produced an extremely robust tool. Particularly handy here: the two-arm version. You give special stability when used. So are designed also for all other tools on high user friendliness, such as: brake line keys, oil pumps and impact wrenches. The focus is the functionality with small gadgets facilitating work in the workshop. About the magnetic parts Bowl for metallic small parts, the telescope – lifting magnets and workshop lamps.

Of course, there are also the most important hand tools, for example cross key. Externally, the vehicles should also shine. Ausbeul sets and the polishing machine easy-to-use wipe away the traces of time. Just prior to the resale of the vehicle, this small work demonstrably increase the sale value. There is the popular compressed air eccentric grinding for the highest surface quality when sanding. Plastic, wood or metal? Coarse, intermediate or finishing? All work for the Sander in the shop represent no problem with fabulous 10,000 revolutions per minute. But in the automotive world, there are also these small assistive devices and accessories, which often escape the driver. They are indispensable. In the field of accessories can be found under other one Selection of fuel canister from 5 up to 20 litre capacity. On safety, the highest good in traffic, thought the manufacturer of various high visibility vests and obligatory warning triangles. To appreciate, however, most know breakdowns and maintenance accessories. Annoying enough when a tire must be replaced or refilled. Then, the accessories should work at least correctly. With the stable tyre pressure gauge from the shop, the car owner keeps the condition of the tyres under surveillance. Practically also a comfortable to use tire inflator with gauge is available in the shop. For the tire change, there are scissor and stamp Jack. This impressed the scope of applications on many vehicles. Also the battery charge can be inspected regularly thanks to precise, analog battery tester. With this tool and Accessories Kit, vehicle owners are safe on the road: have a good trip! Press Department Thomas Reichelt Lotex24 / Germany consumer Web: shop: