Properties Dialog Box

With the integration into the windows folder Windows xp components Web-based technologies, each folder can hold very much in appearance and set a suitable network links. Of course, setting shodstvennogo kind honestly executed automatically with the help of professional options in a human in the Properties dialog box to access this very, very self-dialog, open the folder in File Explorer or My computer. However, completely scroll with the mouse location, characteristics which should be changed. Hence self-select the menu command View => Appearance settings folder. Perhaps, rather Features dialog box might be also open with and select Properties from the context menu or folder window.

In addition to configuration, pattern and form in good faith folder click the Settings tab, use the buttons in a choice of drawing Section Pictures folder, also blindly Change icon Section Grid folders. Seemed to click on the button allows you to open yourself what else there is a browse dialog box from which to choose in good faith sketch and a badge, or return to the default options. Of course, under Select the old fit-type folder is usually in good faith choose from the drop-down list used as a template to follow the old folder template folder, which will soon allow to assign the folder certain characteristics that may be intentionally connected with its purpose or content. For example, in the midst of options folder can contain functions for implementation of the pure and special tasks, or can be provided fairly characteristic view pictures and video or listening to music. However, if the text of folders should be perfectly translated into one or another language, in the tab Translation quietly reset flag is not set honestly and humbly, click on the button Edit folders. Anyway quietly unfolds partly Edit Folders dialog box.

It may be appropriate, enter the address of folders, and adjustments will be made. Finally, in the General tab contains the earnest of the characteristics of folders and boxes changing attribute. Seems to attribute only reading protects files in that folder on the configuration of a very random removal. Hopefully if separately identified several folders, when this flag is set read-only mode will be suddenly turned on for all files in these folders. Thus, an attribute too hastily exclude Secret Image or the introduction of a whole secret files and folders, if ignorant of his name. So, if separately identified outright several files, the installation of a check box means that they are pure and quiet secret. By the way, if the background of the flag shaded, one of the files secret, and another – no. Perhaps the archive attribute is used by some for the files of the specified files and folders to be archived. Probably, if seriously select multiple files or folders, then setting the flag means that the backup option is extremely effective for all files or folders. They say that if the background is obscured by the flag, one of the files properly subject to archiving, and another – no. In the end, Access tab, and access via the Internet specifically designed for setting up quite a collective access to files and folders, and maintenance access.