Making repairs on a regular basis and on their own? Then you can not read the recommendations below. This is only for those who, like the author, never made repairs on their own. We have always worked on this home only dad, in fact, he never allowed home, explaining that the rest of him only in the way, and he will do everything yourself. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mike Tomlin has to say. Pick up your own home, had to deal with this problem. Has already passed the 9 months in anticipation of the beginning of this wonderful event in my life. Perhaps this is because for the first time.

Money always not enough thought in terms of design with each new scatter seen the magazine, dedicated to design and repair, as well as with each visit to a well-renovated apartment or building materials store. The choice is enormous. DESIGN This is perhaps the most crucial moment, because very often happen in apartments, which are embedded in the repair of relatively large sums, but no comfort, no joy for the eyes, these interiors are not brought. Error in most cases is the wrong choice of colors, as well as the fact that no dimensions accounted for an apartment: for small Russian apartments are selected materials (and furniture) that are designed to repair the apartments of the American standard: a large bright picture, silk or bamboo wallpaper. I have already absolutely not talking about a style that can only pick up a professional or a person with very good taste.

So I would recommend for the dreams of good repair more inclined towards moderation, perhaps even asceticism, as in this case, the details are always easier to add than to remove. Also not recommended to blindly follow other people's ideas. Temperament, tastes and lifestyles are different. You can create beautiful interiors apartment, but the problem will only be one – you do not fit into this interior, in their own home will be uncomfortable and unpleasant.