Rescue Dogs

Investigations prove that while a team of ten technicians, equipped with advanced technological instrumentation, covers an area of one hectare in 70 minutes, equal area, a precise dog only 10 minutes and its effectiveness tends to be greater. Trying to search under rubble (landslides) experience throws the following comparative average: 5 minutes a rescue dog gets cover 100 square meters; the man, using instrumentation, and with luck, need 45 minutes nor to say, the time factor, verbatim, will be vital to produce this kind of disaster. In addition, any appliance, until today, detects dead people; which is also of immense help. Japan which is indisputably a leader in technology and that has developed much to deal with the recurring earthquakes, has failed to dispense with the dogs, those who show an intuition, affection, and naturally nonexistent persistence on the machines. Rely on the sense of smell can work day and night and in any weather situation.

Thanks to its huge and developed sense of smell, dogs are capable of detecting microscopic particles that each person follows, and consequently allows them to locate the missing person. They are expressed through barking in catastrophic or ruined, areas and either barking or biting in water, marine rescue. Training for search and rescue, but imagine all the work that is required to have a suitable for rescue dog? As well, to ensure the efficiency of the animal in the task and safety of survivors, the dog requires be trained as young as possible, besides showing excellent health and an attitude of service, this is, that is easily trained and learn fast, must also be sociable and get along well with their. companions. both bipeds and quadrupeds. Something basic is the dog to feel passion for the game with the. bringsel.

or ball. Through training (playing), the dog will learn to find the victim by means of the. bringsel… More forward you will also learn to develop and use their sense of smell. When prepared as a (rescue) SAR dog, will react to the air currents that carry scents and smells of human bodies. Man, the best friend of the dog but you believed that only dogs are trained? No, because that works in team, the dog owner or person. charge. He also receive a hard workout. Depending on the school or the type of bailouts for which is to be to the team, the human must be able to act according to the orders given by the leader of the operation. You must know and have, in addition: search methods in rescues, current procedures for training, maps and compass, able to handle communication equipment and able to offer first aid team leader or support in addition must know manage in water currents, diving, climbing, handle boats, work with rescue teams in general or form part of the fire brigade. The team can help with other operations While the search, as the dog owners to attend and making that you rescues them they are a success.