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Etymologically the word friendship comes from the latin amicitia; pure selfless and reciprocal affection. From the philosophical point of view is defined as the relationship of partnership between equals, founded on mutual trust and mutual appreciation. There are several degrees of friendship:-business friendship; one that can only be seen by self-dealing; -aesthetic friendship; It is pure complacency or frequent attendance at the same sites for pleasure or business. The most noble form of friendship itself, is that why we appreciate on the only friend the person intimately linked to us by ties of spirit and morals; It is called ethical friendship. The friendship of business, both aesthetic friendship are passing; on the other hand friendship ethics is durable.

Friend find pleasure in communicating their feelings to the one who receives as a depository of its confidence, and this entails equality of level. In Greece the word philia consisted of love and friendship. As the woman was considered inferior to man, didn’t make it is between the Greeks depository nor part of true love. In heroic times was the tie that bound to two comrades in arms; then it was the feeling that joined the companions of studies and fun. The opinion of the ancient Greeks, about friendship Cicero presents us in his Laelius. In Greek philosophy the term friendship went through different phases: metaphysical, moral and psychological. In the metaphysical field Empedocles explained by friendship or mixture of the four elements conveniently combined, the Organization and complete form of the universe.

Aristotle finds friendship in rational beings. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle feel not instructed men rather than by love towards them, and also claim is dishonorable to the philosopher live teaching, but not receive relief from his friends. Socrates from the psychological point of view feel that friendship and hatred are equally natural, but hatred must leave room for friendship. Plato sees a loop in friendship among the souls who pursue an ideal. Aristotle personal wants, Epicurus allowed to subsist between the social conditions, makes it a sign of selfishness and the reserve privileged souls. For the theory of Plato, friendship is the principle value and all the virtues. With Christianity, friendship gave much of his field to conjugal love and of family and Christian ideals. The Greeks represented friendship in the figure of a young man wearing a robe with snaps, a hand put on the heart and the other resting on a small Elm, wounded by lightning, in whose trunk is screwed a charged clusters strain. Elm here represented the misfortune, that friendship was not afraid, and vine the sweetness of the consolations that friendship lie. The Romans represented the friendship through a young dress simply white, crowned of Myrtle and pomegranate flowers, taking two chained hearts in their hands. With your left hand pointed out his chest open until the heart which is I was reading: from near and from afar; on her forehead was written: winter and summer, and the strip of his robe read: death and life. Here you will find articles of quality checked for your personal and spiritual development: health, sports, computing, entertainment, languages, painting and more. Original author and source of the article.