Comfortable payment processing for online merchants is the only independent supplier in the German-speaking Internet iclear Mannheim -, the merchants a one hundred percent guarantee of payment, and buyers are a hundred percent money-back guarantee. pixi * is a comprehensive software for the online mail order, which combines all the processes in a closed process chain. Easiest processing of their payments and highest security shop operators who pixi with the mail order software * work, instantly about pixi * use the service of iclear. In addition, offers Saravanan * now the connection to the iclear payment services. The handling is as follows: is the money of the customers for his current appointment at iclear is entered, the trustee is settlement via pixi * free. As soon as the order in the camp of the dealer with the support of pixi * processed is, prints the software address labels, delivery note and invoice on the basis of goods prepared actually to the shipping and logs the operation. BBs couldn’t be easier. iClear offers all bank payment methods such as bank transfer or direct debit, secure online transfer in the buying process but also the processing of all major credit cards the pixi * users and their customers.

The integration of iclear mad was geniuses for pixi * providers the simple handling, the rapid and uncomplicated processing of payments and the fiduciary principle. One hundred percent guarantee for traders and buyers the only independent online payment provider in German-speaking countries, which is based on the fiduciary principle is iclear: so, the money goes only to the dealer if the customer has duly received the goods and not return. If a purchaser with the delivery is not satisfied, the trustee be refunded his money without any deductions. For all other cases, iclear the dealer offers a wholly owned payment guarantee for iclear customers.