Stress In Teaching

Between some transformations that the current world has lived deeply the globalization perhaps it is the one that more impact has caused in all the sectors of the modern society, especially in the economy sector. The world has suffered modifications from technological, scientific, cultural matrix, politician, economic and social. Such context compelled the companies if to reorganize and if to modernize with the intention of if keeping and being able to compete in the market. All these transformations happened in the world have collaborated for the increase of the violence, unemployment and, especially of the social exclusion. All these factors have contributed of very intense form so that the quality of life if it becomes each more inferior time, and the level of stress in the individuals each raised time more, thus compromising, the health and the welfare, beyond promoting negative consequences in the work environment. In the current society, this subject (stress) comes occupying space for quarrels in the diverse areas of the knowledge. Such phenomenon, for excellency, more became one of main the cause of concern of the industrialized societies, promoting low a significant one in the quality of life of the people, and already an authentic social problem and of public health for century XXI is considered.

Who a time or another one in the life did not try this sensation! To make a test, called being (a) the attention for somebody, to be behind to arrive at one definitive place, at last, is diverse the situations that can unchain stress in the individual. Many times the conditions of work and the requirements imposed to the individual for the inquietveis changes of the modern life are .causing of stress. The more vulnerable people are each time the situations that can be considered sources of physical and mental consumings for the fact to be integrant part of a society where the changes occur of fast and diverse form.