Syktyvkar Forest Institute

Every modern company to achieve high performance industrial activity aims to use new technology and modern scientific developments. When it comes to private business and private investment here every businessman believes the quality of priority roads that are technology that brings a profit. Almost to the organization of innovative construction of field roads are suitable in the Komi Republic. Despite seasonal road construction and the limited time of technological operations on the construction of zempolotna at subzero temperatures in the Komi Republic, to introduce such technology should, says director Usinsk Generating Company, Shevchenko, AN Far for examples of state roads do not have to go – just look at the roads that are built for himself the oil. Carrying capacity of vehicles and machinery used the extraction of raw materials, many times higher than the standards for public roads. From this condition they become dire, and expensive maintenance equipment.

Therefore, we concluded that the project design solutions and materials used must provide adequate bearing capacity and reliability meet road design. One of the priority areas and development of oil and gas industry in Komi an update of old and new road construction, for mining of natural resources, as well as construction and maintenance of roads – the links of one chain. Back in June 2009 in the Komi Republic with Syktyvkar Forest Institute, schvedskimi scientists and Russian companies involved in the development of new technologies in road construction, held scientific-practical conference devoted to the construction of roads of economic importance. The outcome of this event was the commissioning of the experimental section of the road, built on modern technologies. Technology used was developed specifically for the conditions of the Republic of Komi, where the missing stone materials to create pavement, wetlands, poor soils. In such areas are often lezhnevki. Enterprises of the Komi Republic and the regions have appreciated a simple in execution and not expensive in terms of material technology for road construction.